Thursday, March 02, 2017

The Gun of Theseus

So, the P250 .380 "Grandma Gun" project logged a total of 2,308 rounds of all different types of .380 over the course of all the shooting I did with it.

I then swapped the FCU into a 9mm P250 Compact conversion kit, in which guise the gun has fired 300 rounds so far. So how many rounds does the P250 have on it?

Similarly, I won the P320 Compact off the Wall Of Guns at the Friends of the NRA dinner. It saw 30 rounds in bone stock configuration before I swapped the frame out for the Boresight Solutions one, another 386 on the original FCU before I swapped a friend for the Grayguns FCU, and another 255 on the new FCU (but still the same slide and barrel.) So how many rounds does the P320 have on it?