Tuesday, June 06, 2017

I can't even get into anhedonia.

I walked into the Indy 1500 gun show this past Saturday morning with $200 in my pocket. I limped out an hour and a half later with $195, because I'd bought a large soft drink at the concession stand.

This is disturbing me.

I fell off the daily walking for exercise bandwagon following my weekend in Louisville back in March, but in reality, I'd fallen off it much earlier than that. As important as the walking is for exercise, the key part was the act of forcing myself awake and out the door first thing in the morning; exercising volition as the first act of my day, even before getting sucked into reading content on the internet or chatting on Bookface.

I've managed two days in a row now. Just a single lap around the block, a third of a mile, but it's been the first thing I did in the morning both days. I'll have to regain some level of fitness again; apparently I've been limping a lot lately.