Monday, June 12, 2017

Handy to have...

A couple of very useful things for me:
  • The Uplula mag loader. Cramming the seventeenth round into these brand new 509 mags would have been well-nigh impossible without it on the first couple loadings. The raspberry one doesn't hide in the range bag and will hopefully be more resistant to permanent borrowing at the range.

  • Safariland's GLS holster. I was so impressed with the first one I got that when I stumbled across a couple of FDE ones on the sale table at a gun store, I snapped them both up. The pictured one holds the 509, as well as its FNS sibling, the midsize 19/23/32/38 Glocks, a bevy of HKs, Smith SD's, Tanfo Witness P's, and others. It ships with both a paddle and belt loops. If you gotta write about a lot of different guns, you could probably holster most of them with about four different GLS holsters.