Friday, June 09, 2017

Next project, good omen...

My review sample of the new FN 509 arrived for a forthcoming Shooting Illustrated article, and I dragged it to the range on Wednesday. I'd been shooting a series of Dot Torture drills with my ex-CCW Gen3 Glock 19, and meeting frustration after frustration, mostly centered on Dot 5 (five shots Strong Hand Only) although other dropped shots and borderline ones kept me shooting 48's and 49's.

I pulled the 509 out of the box, not really having done any dry-fire with the gun, and not having fired a single shot to see where the bullets hit relative to the sights...

...and cleaned Dot Torture cold with it, if somewhat messily. I'll take that as a good omen for the gun.

Now to quickly grind another several hundred rounds out so I can write it up. I don't like writing a review with less than 750 rounds through the gun if I can help it.