Sunday, June 11, 2017


American politics are shunted off NBC this morning by French tennis, which will then be followed by Canadian F1 racing. I literally can't even.
"If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press, unless the Frogs are playing tennis or there's a good game of footie on."
I'm not a citizen of the world. I'm (increasingly grudgingly) a citizen of the US and of the state of Indiana. And of course Inside Indiana Business, our state-level weekly politico-economic talking head show, is preempted for the thwock-grunt-thwock-grunt-thwock-shuffleshuffle-thwock-grunt of clay court tennis as well.

As I've noted before, thanks to the commentators talking in the hushed tones of pasture pool announcers and the metronomic soundtrack of the activity itself, combined with the pulsing muted surf noise of the crowd, televised tennis is a wonderful soporific for laying abed of a summer Sunday morning.