Friday, June 09, 2017

The best thing to come out of the Comey testimony...

...for me so far is that Corey Lewandowski seems to have popped back up out of the ground clutter and onto the media's radar again. The Today Show had him on this morning, and I had forgotten what an entertaining interview he is. I mean, anybody who can be reduced to verbal flailing like that by Savannah and Matt must get outwitted by arugula on a regular basis.

Please say that they're trying to find a gig for him in the White House, because watching him get interviewed is like the verbal equivalent of a Three Stooges sketch.

On a more disturbing note was Senator McCain's attempt at grilling Comey, which I listened to on NPR on the way to the range, and which nearly caused me to steer into a ditch...

“In the case of Hillary Clinton, you made the statement that there wasn't sufficient evidence to bring a suit against her, although it had been very careless in their behavior, but you did reach a conclusion in that case that it was not necessary to further pursue her,” McCain's line of questioning began. 
“Yet at the same time, in the case of Mr. [Trump], you said that there was not enough information to make a conclusion. Tell me the difference between your conclusion as far as former secretary Clinton is concerned, and Mr. Trump.”
If McCain were my kin, I'd have pulled the car over right then and gotten on the phone with family to discuss maybe getting together and taking his car keys away. Maybe his constituents want to get together and discuss doing likewise with his senatorial vote, before he dozes off at the wheel and veers into oncoming legislation.