Friday, June 16, 2017

Lawn Machine

Woke up this morning and got my quick lap around the block in before it got hot outside. It was only 71, according to the nearest weather station, but the dew point was very nearly the same as the temperature. It was more like swimming than walking.

My lower back already felt like I'd been putting in a hard day's physical labor, and not like I'd just got out of bed.

I bring up the back pain thing because this weekend will be the swan song of the corded electric mower. Bobbi, who deals with drop cords for a living and has used that lawn mower for probably twenty years, does not see what my problem is with it.

Myself, on the other hand? I'm completely inept at handling extension cords. Paying out the two cords it takes to cover the lawn, wrangling the cord around the raised bed while mowing, and rolling up and stowing the two cords at the end of the mowing turns what should be a twenty-minute breeze of a lawn job into an hour of back-wrenching stoop labor.

Bobbi would rather not store gas cans in the garage, and so I did a bit of nosing around online and settled on a solution.

Multiple reviewers mention mowing a quarter acre without draining the dual batteries, so it should be more than up to cutting Roseholme Cottage's little bowling alley of a lot. It was definitely cheaper than my initial suggestion of just paving the whole lawn and painting it green.