Sunday, October 29, 2017

How I spent my afternoon...

So,when I talked to this editor on the phone a couple weeks ago about the piece I'd just turned in, he offered some suggested changes. A couple I thought made sense, and a couple had me scratching my head and thinking "I'm pretty sure I covered that, but okay. I'll reword it and see what you think."

So yesterday I line out the changes to the first section, and then I sit down this afternoon to finish out rearranging the rest of the article. I finish my changes on the first page, page down to the second, and...where's the rest of the article? There's only seven hundred and some-odd words here, and I know I wrote about 1600ish...

I must have accidentally deleted it while making the edits on the first page or something, I think. No problem, I'll just open my sent items folder in email and extract the version I sent him.


No wonder he sounded so dubious on the phone. I'd sent him the first 700 words and the rest were just gone.

Thank Gutenberg for MS Word's change-tracking function, because I was able to find and resurrect the deleted 3/5ths of the article.

That was a bit of consternation I didn't need today.