Friday, October 20, 2017

Something I said I'd never do...

When I was packing guns to bring to a recent shooting event, I didn't do my usual thing of tossing an odd mixture of T&E guns and show-off oddities into the case.

Instead, I brought all Glocks, albeit in a variety of calibers. I'd originally intended to dragoon some of my friends into something science-y at the range, but elected to leave the shot timer at home and just make anecdotal observations. With the Glock 19, 32, and 38, you have three substantially identical pistols, the only difference being caliber (9x19mm, .357SIG, .45GAP, respectively). How would that affect people's rate of fire on plates and poppers?

It was interesting. Everybody loved the full-size Glock 37 .45GAP; especially as it had a nice Apex trigger in it. With the smaller guns...? The 19-size platform is docile in 9mm, but splits go to hell with the hotter calibers. It's a downright handful in .45GAP form. There's probably a blog post in there somewhere, but that's not what this one's about.

See, on a whim, I threw a box of 230gr HST .45GAP into my luggage before I zipped it up, along with a Raven Phantom holster for the Glock 37. I don't entirely remember my reasoning.

This past Monday, when I had agreed to do a little shooting coaching for some friends, I didn't know what the gun and holster situation was going to be at the range, and so I wanted to make sure I had both G19's and at least one holster (in this case, my own Dark Star Gear IWB) available for loaners.

So I loaded up the Glock 37 and carried it myself. I've been carrying it all week.

It's not really a whimsical carry choice, I guess. It's a Glock just like the Glock I usually carry. They both even have the same Ameriglo CAP sights. It's as thoroughly-vetted as any Glock I have; my logbook says 2,510 rounds now, making it my third-most-fired G-lock.

But my head is telling me that I'm doing this on a whim, and whimsy and carry pieces don't mix. I don't mind fun guns...heck, the fact that my Luger is in .30 Luger rather than 9mm made me more likely to buy it, not less...but carry guns are srs bsns. You don't want to wind up shooting at a fool with a gun you picked out that morning because it matched your socks. Fool-shooting guns should be selected for fool-shooting utility and nothing else.

"But, Tamara! You said there was no realistic ballistic advantage to the .45GAP over the 9mm and you've given up five rounds and added a bunch of weight for nothing!"

I know, I know.

I'm switching back to the usual dull Glock 19. Tomorrow. I have to, anyway, because who can afford to shoot .45GAP in gun school?