Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tick tock...

After a couple weeks on the road, I return home to find myself fully adjusted to Mountain Time. So I sit here at the keyboard at quarter to three in the morning, with aspirin and a gin & tonic, and staring at a can of Mello Yello Zero. I'm debating whether I should just stay awake through the night and do a brute-force reset of my internal clock, or try and get a few hours of sleep and fuzz through the day.

It was 38°F here in Indy when I arrived home. That's a dozen degrees chillier than it was back in New Mexico, and apparently even colder than it was outside the airport in Minneapolis (not that it mattered there, since I never set foot outside.)

Time to rotate the long-sleeve tees up from the basement, move the wool socks to the front of the drawer, and break out the long underwear. I find myself kind of hoping we'll get a real winter this year, after the wet firecrackers of the last couple.