Thursday, July 26, 2018

Context matters.

This morning my tranquilo was yet again interrupted by someone sending me a link to yet another goofy gun accessory designed for "close combat" that was demonstrated by its inventor engaging in said "close combat" with an armless rubber dummy.

In the middle of this demonstration, dude did a slidelock load of his pistol and then fired finishing shots into the dummy's head. He did that reload standing there in arm's reach of the dummy. Well, it would have been arm's reach if the dummy had arms, but you get my drift.

I guess that's a valid technique if you get in a lot of fights with armless rubber dummies, but it's a little silly to expect someone's just going to stand there and let you reload a gun right up in their grill.

There's a reason I prefer stuff that's been proven to work against people who are trying their best to stop it from working. You need to pressure-test stuff against a resisting opponent, or it's all so much theoretical range ballet.