Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday Morning Rambling

So I'm actually watching a golf...tournament? match? game?...whatever, and finding it moderately interesting. Not a sport I've ever had the faintest urge to try, but there's obviously a ton of technique involved.

What I'm really paying attention to are the photographers, both the pros and among the spectators. What kind of clod holds an iPad up to take pictures in the throng around a green? The people behind you want to see Tiger putt, too, jerk.

More than one pro running a Nikon or Canon with big glass on a monopod has a Sony a6xxx slung around their neck that they occasionally grab one-handed shots with. That's interesting.

This led to a discussion on Facebook about sports photography, which bears some relation to the photography I like the most.

Kevin from Misfires And Light Strikes described the setup for shooting basketball games back in the days of film. That had to be some challenging work.

Photographing shooters on an outdoor range in daylight isn't terribly technically challenging, but indoor sports is something that's near impossible to do without equipment selected for the task.

Indoor sports photography with your typical f/3.5-5.6 "all-in-one" vacation zoom is an exercise in frustration. I once filled up a couple cards of awful, blurry crap for lack of the right lens, as well as zero experience in shooting that sort of action. I learned some things that didn't work, though, and am itching to try again.