Saturday, December 14, 2019

Oh my lolz...

The Leica Digilux 1 was the second attempt by Leica to badge-engineer their way into the burgeoning consumer digital camera market around the turn of the Millennium. (The first had been when they relabeled some Fuji FinePix variants as the original Leica Digilux, starting in '98.)

The Digilux 1, on the other hand, was a re-badged Panasonic, who was just getting into the consumer digital camera market themselves in 2002. It's a 4MP camera and the Leica variant is cutely styled to vaguely resemble a classic Leica rangefinder camera if you squint hard in the right lighting.

KEH had one for sale for $99, and although I was unlikely to buy it, I decided to at least google up some reviews of the thing. That led me to this hilarity:
"The Leica Digilux 1 delivers film-like pictures and not the flat, video-like pictures that most digital cameras produce. When you look for digital, you look at lots of closeup shots which show the difference in details from different digital cameras. You look for clean, sharp pictures. However, at some point I started looking at the whole picture and there the Digilux 1 just stands out."
Get that? This Overgaard clown is trying to claim that it gives SPECIAL FILM-LIKE PICTURES, unlike those awful electronic pictures other digital cameras do... For Eastman's sake, it's just a damned Panasonic with a 1/1.8" 4MP CCD sensor in it, you brand whore!

Now, even as late as '02 there was a lingering amount of prejudice against digicams in some corners of the photography world, but Nikon was already on its first update of its professional D1 line, and Canon was fixin' to follow up the 1D with the 11MP full-frame 1Ds. Hell, by '02 even a late adopter like me already had a digital camera.

But this Overgaard guy is someone from whom you should expect flim-flammery and silly Leica lifestyle posturing...
Oh, it says "Leica" on it...

If you want to get into Advanced Overgaard Studies, here are some places to start:

Thirty-Five 'Lux has a good piece explaining why the dude is talking out his ass about a professional photography career...
"It is so frustrating to read things written by a dilettante and glorified forum guru. It saddens me that true enthusiasts of photography – who may have no intention of ever using their camera to make a living – are subjected to the kind of information they’re presented with. It’s beyond sad."
La Vida Leica points out that his claims of being an "influencer" are a joke...
"But what about his legion of followers on Facebook? Surely those are legit, right? Well, no. Not really. They've been bought. For a small fee, you can buy as many page likes as you want - either through Facebook's "Boost this page" (advertise) or through shady hacker circles. While this is great for your friend/follower count, in the end it actually hurts you. Why? Well, for one - it's totally bogus. These "friends" don't exist. But secondly, as of late January 2014, Facebook changed their algorithm - reducing the number of people that actually see your posts. By watering your audience down with all these fakes, the percentage of real people that truly exist (and see the posts in their newsfeed) drops considerably. Whoops. Notice where all these likes are coming from... Indonesia. Thailand. Mexico. Several countries where these fake likes originate."
Leicaphilia just points and laughs...
"It’s always been obvious to me that “von Overgaard” is a transparent huckster, a confidence man preying on gullible low-hanging fruit, spinning some bullshit narrative about luxury and beautiful people and world travels and Leica, this just being further proof that a sucker is born every minute and some of those suckers will end up buying a Leica and taking a street shooter’s seminar with “von Overgaard.”"
What's funny is that this has been an interesting learning experience for me, diving down the Overgaard rabbit hole today. In the firearms world, at least the practical handgunning and defensive carbine & shotgun portions of it, my BS detector is pretty well calibrated; I can smell a scam artist who's talking out their ass fairly quickly. With cameras and photography, I'm a relative dilettante, so this has been a super-informative morning and afternoon of internet sleuthing.