Monday, December 09, 2019

Plane Spotting

Hickam AFB the last time the Googlesat took pictures:

Three B2's visiting, a couple of C5's dwarfing the Globemasters, and a flag officer was fixin' to travel in style.

High school plane nerd me would would nerd out over this stuff so hard.

The current view of Nellis from the Googlesat has an interesting assortment of visitors out on the ramp. There are some Tornadoes and Eurofighter Typhoons lined up out there. Over where the aggressors park are what look like some L-159's, operated by Draken International, who contracts as aggressors.

I went to Lakeland airport to look at Draken's home base and see if they had anything interesting sitting around. I spotted this loner just parked by itself out on a ramp.