Monday, December 02, 2019

My Annual Rant

So everybody's running around pushing that stupid "Cyber Monday" thing, which is a relic of the day when everyone had dialup at home and so saved their online shopping until they got back to the office on Monday and could mooch off the company's broadband. Now that we all have broadband in our pockets, this is practically horse-and-buggy levels of quaint.

That said, Surefire is selling their house-brand CR123 batteries in a 72-pack for $99. This is twenty bucks better than the best price at Amazon and, considering the 10-year shelf life of these things (and the fact that they have free shipping on orders over a hunnert bucks) means this might not be a bad buy.

FCC Disclaimer: I don't get anything from Surefire these days except spam email, but I'm an avid user of their products.