Saturday, December 28, 2019

Obsolescent Media

I've been weeding out my library of dead tree books (other than reference volumes), with my metric being "Am I likely to sit down and read this again?"

For example, I loved David Weber's Honor Harrington books the first time through. When At All Costs was released, I re-read the series to get in the mood for the new book, but stopped at the end of Echoes of Honor and jumped right to the new book. The last time I tried reading the series through, I think I made it to Admiral Mary Sue's big weeb katana duel in Flag in Exile before throwing in the towel.

In the end, I decided to keep a paperback copy of the first book, On Basilisk Station, and cart the rest to Half Price Books.

My peak years of infatuation with the Honorverse coincided with my peak disposable income years, and so I had a raft of hardcovers to haul off.

Just as I was getting ready to carry the first box to the car, I remembered that some of these had CD-ROMs of the Baen Free Library in them! I pulled the disc from the hardback of At All Costs, prompting a question from Bobbi...
RX: "Um, do you even have a CD-ROM drive anymore?" 
Me: "Sure! Well, I mean, not in my computer. I had to buy a janky Chicom external CD drive to be able to read the scanned negatives when I get film developed."