Friday, November 27, 2020

An out-of-this-world dinner...

 Bobbi worked the magic with the turducken on the little backyard grill yesterday. 

I swear, we have gotten more than our money's worth out of that janky little $29.99 sheet metal grill. It's seen probably a decade's service at this point, mostly through the virtue of keeping it covered when not in use.

Over dinner, we watched the new Chesley Bonestell documentary on Amazon.

In the documentary, there's an interview with Bob David, who works as a photographer and historian for the Golden Gate Bridge. He talks about the time he'd brought some original paintings Bonestell had done for the bridge during its construction to the artist's house in Carmel. Bonestell, in his nineties at the time, hadn't seen them since he'd painted them. One was unsigned and David photgraphed Chesley signing it in his studio.

Bonestell remarked that that was only the second time he'd been photographed in his studio. The other was by Ansel Adams, when he and Buckminster Fuller had been guests for dinner one night. Wouldn't you have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that dinner conversation?