Wednesday, August 25, 2021

QotD: No Donut Edition...

Greg Ellifritz is not impressed by the shooting skills of the average police officer. That doesn't let the average gun owner off the hook, though...
"So how good is the average cop? He or she is likely much better than the average CCW permit carrier who takes an eight-hour training class and doesn’t shoot much after that. He is likely better than the average recreational shooter. Not many casual plinkers shoot 100-500 rounds a year. If you are a decent level competitive shooter, you’ll probably shoot better than the average cop. If you are a recreational shooter with a few professional shooting school classes under your belt, you will probably shoot better as well."
I find a lot of people don't have a realistic estimate of their abilities with a pistol. Greg includes the course of fire for the Ohio state mandatory LEO qualification. You can probably look up the one for your state or, failing that, use the FBI's.

Try it and see. I think if you are even a moderately active competitive shooter, you'll find them a sobriety test more than any real challenge. If you only shoot seven yard targets from a static position on an indoor range every couple months, they might be considerably more challenging. It can be hard to find places that allow people to practice running a gun from the holster, for instance.

Karl Rehn of KR Training drawing from concealment.