Monday, November 22, 2021

Ancient Titans

Have you ever looked at a colossal piece of ancient construction and asked yourself how primitive humans had the technology to make such an amazing edifice?

No, I don't mean the Great Pyramid or Stonehenge, I mean the Hamilton County courthouse in Noblesville, Indiana.

The internet is a powerful tool for letting credulous morons gather together in groups and heterodyne. One of these groups is made up of people who think there was an ancient civilization that dotted the landscape with these buildings and Nineteenth Century residents of North America just moved in.
A dedicated group of YouTubers and Reddit posters see the Singer Building and countless other discarded pre-modern beauties and extant Beaux-Arts landmarks as artifacts of a globe-spanning civilization called the Tartarian Empire, which was somehow erased from the history books. Adherents of this theory believe these buildings to be the keys to a hidden past, clandestinely obscured by malevolent actors.
For evidence, they glom onto old photos that show municipal buildings seemingly rising out of unimproved land, like these ones of the Iowa state capitol.

Knowing that these people exist is doing nothing for my surging misanthropy.