Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Automotif CCLXVII...

Out walkabout yesterday afternoon, and I spied this Eighties (or very late Seventies) Porsche 911 in an intriguing color.

Here's the problem: The sun was low in the sky and I had an original 2003-vintage Canon EOS Rebel with the 18-55mm kit lens and no lens hood, preparing to do a report on it for the other other blog. On the same side of the street, the car was harshly backlit from any angle where it wasn't obscured by that tree or the trashcan, plus the sun was causing horrible veiling glare. Trotting across the street yielded the above photo, taken by waiting for a gap in traffic. Even then, the 18-55mm lens doesn't have a lot of reach and the 6MP sensor doesn't give you much room to crop.