Thursday, November 18, 2021

Apocalypse Now

Sure, sure, we've had some bad rain and flooding incidents here in the US in the last couple years, but in Egypt they've taken this to the next level. They found a way to add an extra little dash of awfulness to a plain old flood!

I've seen school delayed because it was too foggy to safely run the buses, and I've gotten to stay home from school because of snow and ice, but I have to say that school being closed because of a swarm of scorpions is entirely outside of my experience.

You gotta wonder if the old timers in Aswan are all like "In my day, we didn't shut down school for any scorpion swarm. Heck, Ahmad got stung on the playground and had to get carted off in an ambulance and we didn't even pause our soccer game."

Al Jazeera's piece clarifies things a bit, saying it was the weather that caused the school closures, not the plague of arachnids, which leads to the obvious "Well in northern Egypt we know how to drive in floods!" joke.