Friday, November 26, 2021

Crazy Friday

I'm not a fan of the concept of Black Friday under the best of circumstances. Packed in like cattle at the break of dawn with people ready to get in fist fights over This Year's Popular Toy sounds like the opposite of fun to me.

This year? You'd need a screw loose to willingly thrust yourself into the scrum. Between the 'Rona and all the spun up, stressed out, overwrought reaction to it...and the spun up, stressed out, overwrought reactions to the can definitely count me out of even entering the parking lot of any retail establishments today. 

People are so tightly wound these days that they're throwing down with AKs over pizza being late.

I'll be shopping at home!

VZ Grips are available on Amazon for improving the traction of your favorite blaster without uglifying it in the process. They have their own store there as a hub for all their different offerings.

For the shutterbug on your list there's Peak Design's cool system of carry straps. There's the Leash, for the smallest mirrorless cameras; the Slide Lite for normal-sized mirrorless and smaller DSLRs; and the Slide, which will work even with pro bodies and big telephoto zooms like that beastly D1X & 80-400mm combo above. They have their own Amazon store, too (and their bags are as cleverly thought out as their straps. They're basically the Magpul of photography gear.)

I've gotten literally years of use out of this Logitech keyboard cover now; it's written columns and feature articles over lunch here at home and blog posts on the road and I'm still on the first set of batteries. At this rate it's possibly going to outlast the iPad to which it's connected. Recommend.