Wednesday, May 26, 2010

God really does look out for idiots, apparently.

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, we can watch the idiocy of our fellow humans from the safety of our own homes, wondering if and when when the expected blown out kidney or severed finger is going to happen.

(Amazingly, both idiots linked above managed to complete their videos without setting themselves on fire, but if you have an ounce of gun safety in you, both clips will have you wincing from start to finish, waiting for the expected cloud of pink mist.)


Ed Rasimus said...

Scary dumb. Both of those make one almost scream for some sort of gun control law to preclude people like this from hurting themselves.

Why? Why? Why? I particularly like the logical rebuttal..."But I can still shoot you!"

Why the behind the back dance? Why? I'm so confused!

I wonder if either of them has actual experience in a combat situation of any sort. Life gets very different with the adrenaline rushing.

Rustmeister said...

The idiot in the first video has a few more posted. Just as stupid, just as dangerous.

Commenters are tearing him apart.

Mike W. said...

I was honestly expecting blood in the 1st video. What a letdown.

Anonymous said...

just goes to show. You can not fix stupid.!

Nathan said...

Painful to watch.

It's people like this that give honest gun folk a bad name.

Lissa said...

OMG, that first video made my sphincter try to crawl up my spine. If I saw that in real life I would run away screaming.

CAR said...

Those remind me of those scenes where a fighter enters a ring, makes a lot of fancy moves to impress the crowd, and then gets floored by the first punch.

Anonymous said...

Stunned Silence.

I left to get an adult beverage and am muttering to myself at the stupidity of mankind.


cj said...

What's even more scary is that, looking at his stuff, it appears he's charging people to teach them.

Quotes from what seems to be his page:

"We will shoot scenarios and we will do it over and over.

Long range technique with airguns and/or airsoft. Short range technique with airsoft and/or rubber guns.

Some demonstrations by instructor with live fire, real guns such as grabbing the slide of an automatic and what happens, etc."

Caleb said...

What's really sad is that it's actually the same idiot in both videos. I only found the one I posted when I followed the bread crumbs from Uncle.

TJIC said...

Holy !@#!@#-ing !@#@#.

I didn't know my sphincter could get that tight.

Chad said...

God doesn't look out for idiots like this.

He strings them along long enough to make it even funnier when they fail.

Anonymous said...

Which new gun schools are these?

Shootin' Buddy

Michael said...

I couldn't even finish off the grab the slide one.

Step One: Grab the slide.
Step Two: Get shot at close range.
Step Three: Profit!

Montie said...

WTF? doesn't even begin to express my wonder at this lunacy. Like Michael, I couldn't stand to watch the entire "grab the slide" video. I am particularly stunned by Caleb's revelation that the videos are both done by the same idiot.

I wonder if he will post the video when he accidentally shoots himself doing these kind of stupid stunts (or leaves directions for someone to post it posthumously)?

Anonymous said...

Don't interfere. Easiest way to clean out the gene pool & NOT pass along the Stupid Genes to the next generation.
Ditto for any dumbasses stupid enough to pay $$$ to take his "class".

B Woodman

Michael said...

Watch the idiot spaz out with a blade:

His mom should pay more attention to what she lets him play with in her backyard.

theirritablearchitect said...

For me, this is no more painful to watch than the evening commute, with just about as much danger, but with far more people involved.

Odds are not good.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

This is actually old footage, aka:

"Temkin: the formative years"

Before he settled on the "shoot them to the ground" method, he earlier dabbled with the "make them fall to the ground in hysterical laughter then shoot them" approach.

You gotta admit it's a unique demonstration of "survival training", but odds would seem against his own survival for further installments in the series.


Moriarty said...

This guy has to be a Helmke plant.

Ed Foster said...

OMFG! Does he live in Massachusetts?

W.V. buzes. I may have to do some buzing after watching the deadly dodo.

Atom Smasher said...




Mikael said...

If you're ever going to grab a gun, it better be with a fluid motion that also pulls the aim away from you, up or to the side... and even then, I wouldn't want to be in the situation even if I'd trained for it(some martial arts do, like krav maga).

The general idea then is grab barrel, pull away the aim and opponent off-balance, and use the barrel as a fulcrum to tear it out of their hand(against the thumb, because that's the weak side).

Mikael said...

PS: works just as well to just grab the wrist, then use the other hand to tear the gun away, same manner. This is safer, but occupies both hands, leaving you a bit open in case he has another surprise for you.

reflectoscope said...

As long as there is a time zone or two between that individual and I, I'll sleep soundly.

That dude is seriously just smart enough to keep breathing, shame that it is.


roo_ster said...

I'll tell ya what _true_ horror is:

1. Watching one of this azzklown's "kill the IDPA target with a sword" videos
2. Noticing the build & construction of his house & neighborhood
3. Doing some googling
4. Realizing he lives up the road a short ways.