Sunday, May 30, 2010

Staying on the ball.

Federal, state and local governments will use intelligence, expanded community engagement and development programs to help local communities address the radicalization of Americans before they join al Qaeda, Rhodes said.
How about Tea Parties, Mr. Jones? Are we going to make sure people don't get radicalized and join Tea Parties? MSNBC says they're a big threat, you know. Why, they're halfway to being militia terrorist NRA members! Boy Scouts, even! If you leave this unchecked, these people might set off car bombs or, worse, vote Republican.


Skip said...

I'll tell the Scout troup that the camping trip is off, due to scaring folks, cancel the trap shoot with the mayor and DA, and oh yeah...tone down our Tea Party about that border thingy.
Would that get me off the list?
Can I get on a plane now?
Don't have a black beard, white, old, wear an American flag pin on my lapel.
What could go wrong?

Brigid said...

I bought a box of Earl Gray at the Market and some hippie looked at me funny,

sofa said...

When does the militarized Obamacorps come online? That should make everything better.

Ed Foster said...

Insecurity is the primal motivator of all collectivists.

Except their leaders, who elevate it to the status of paranoia.

Desertrat said...

"Federal, state and local governments will use intelligence..."

Now that's funny, right there. I don't care who you are. "Governments" and "intelligence" in the same sentence?

Give me a break!


Ken said...

Worst of all, they might stop paying for it.

Matt G said...

"New Obama security strategy targets Americans radicalized by al Qaeda"

Here's a freebie, guys: The way that "Americans [get] radicalized by al Qaeda" is by their own American governments trampling their rights, to fight al Qaeda back. Want to win? Drop the uber security measures, yell "full steam ahead!" to business, and let business go on as usual. We should have done this with the airlines by Sept. 13, 2001.

This is guerilla tactics, 101, folks.