Thursday, May 27, 2010

You know you're being shivved in the liver...

...when even Joe Biden starts making fun of you.

Joe Biden! There hasn't been such a lack of gravitas in the Number Two chair since Dan Quayle sat there, and you could at least dress Dan up for social events and make him stand there with his mouth shut and he wouldn't look like Uncle Badtouch.


Ed Foster said...

Go to YouTube and punch up "Joe Biden drunk during speech". The man's a potty mouthed fool even when he's sober, which is a rarity.

And Blumenthal's potential self-destruction has me skipping like a kid. The excellent former Congressman Rob Simmons has dropped out of the race, and promised to support McMahon, so this could work out well here in sunny Connecticut.

Blumenthal is an authoritarian prick, with lots of money, so he wasn't vulnerable to the shenanigans the two dirty Dodds were. And he still might win, because our unions, state employees, and welfare recipients would elect Donald Duck if he ran as a Democrat. He's still leading 56% to 31% in the polls.

But maybe, just maybe, we might pull it out. A change from what we had to look at a week or two past. He'll just have to keep talking.

I'm more worried about Ned Lamont winning the Governorship. He's virtually a shoe-in. Absolute hardcore lefty/loonie, perhaps the worst in the country.

Still, given the economic cuts that will have to be done, it will be fun to watch "Mr. Soup Kitchen" chopping away at the entitlements of the per capita wealthiest state, with the highest paid welfare recipients in the world.

W.V. mateder. Is that a bullfighter from Arkansas?

Joel said...

Uncle Badtouch

Tam, you trying to kill me? I just choked on my oatmeal.

theirritablearchitect said...

Seriously, I think someone grew a brain in Barry's inner circle and assigned that man a handler.

When Barry's team first took office, Old Joe was having a big media party, slathering on the stoopid almost every single day. The TeeWee was just lit up with his slobbering idiocy for several months. Then he seemed to drop almost completely off of the radar for quite some time. I'm thinking it was some form of damage control or something, as the man just can not help himself with his mouth.

It seems he's back at it.

Let him keep going, really, it's the best medicine against his kind. Keep his piehole open as long as possible to flap about with his double-digit IQ. It's more than amusing, it's a damning indictment of his stupidity.

Stranger said...

From what I can understand from a variety of sources, the Kane's were skirting illegality and fired when stopped. A good way to wind up stiff.

On the other hand, the Census Bureau has all-of-a-sudden started tabulating the "national emergency manufacturing capacity" of America's remaining manufacturing plants.

To my knowledge, that is the first time American companies have been asked that question since 1940.

Machiavelli has some ominously cogent words concerning the best course for unpopular regimes in the Prince. Words that fit in well with the census survey.


Anonymous said...

The only problem Quayle had was a rabid lefty media and not enough internet. Kind of like the Palin see Russia from my bedroom quote that never existed except on Fey's obanma-gobbling lips.

Tam said...

I saw enough of Quayle with my grownup eyes to make my own decisions.

The man could have been the most intelligent, literate, and gifted man since Desiderius Erasmus, but he was a gibbering idiot in front of a mic.

He cleaned up well and brought yankee electoral votes and that's how he finally got Peter Principal'ed.

Tam said..., "Principle'ed"

Lergnom said...

Stranger said:
'On the other hand, the Census Bureau has all-of-a-sudden started tabulating the "national emergency manufacturing capacity" of America's remaining manufacturing plants.'

That's truly scary. Do you have a cite? I'd love to push something like that to a few of my lefty co-workers.