Friday, May 14, 2010

Where the cool kids aren't.

Since all of the cool kids are in Charlotte for the big NRA to-do, those of us uncool enough to be stuck here in Indy will just have to entertain ourselves.


Mad Saint Jack said...

Wish I could make it, but I have a job, two paychecks, and a gun show in Cincy.

However, one of the cool kids told me she could make it back to Indy (from Cleavland) in the fall. Bobbi and I need to do some long range planning.

Boat Guy said...

Please allow a fellow less-cool neophyte to suggest for QOTD consideration;

"The Obama administration, conversely, prides itself on offering top-down governance by the best and the brightest — not realizing that, as most Americans see it, that type of thinking creates a self-selected elite prone to hubris and atrocious error."

From "Obama vs. the iPad" by Mike Gonzales at NRO

D.W. Drang said...

My excuse for not going anywhere this weekend--NRA Convention in Charlotte, Hamvention in Dayton, a gathering of the WA Hometown Forum on "The Dryside"--is protesting all those things happening at the same time.
And the Beer and Doughnuts tasting at 99 Bottles tomorrow morning.
Plus, I have to work Sunday.

Nathan said...

Gee, and here I thought the best excuse for not doing any of those things was the Blogmeet on Sunday... :)

Anonymous said...

"Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said during a speech Friday that President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies would ban guns and ammunition if they could get away with it.

The former Alaska governor said in a speech to the National Rifle Association that political backlash is the only thing stopping Obama from gutting the Constitution's right to bare arms."

Good Lord, they want to take our guns AND our cut-off tee shirts? What's a redneck boy gonna do?

As written by the AP and reprinted by MSNBC...RTWT. Astounding. And hilarious; legacy media my ass.


Anonymous said...

A convention held by the nations largest gun rights organization, in a building that prohibits the posession of firearms?
Hypocrisy anyone?
I think I'll go to the range instead.

Tam said...

You win the gun rights purity contest. Here is your prize:

Keads said...

Hey Anonymous, Guess what, I did both! Today! And the convention is in two buildings. Might do it again tomorrow if I don't have to pull some RSO time.

So your point is?

kahr40 said...

I'm only two hours away but had to work and have to take care of sick family. It's damn frustrating.