Monday, May 10, 2010

Feeling much better, thanks.

My leg and back are much improved. Like I did back in December, I switched to an OWB holster for a couple days so as to avoid aggravating things.

In this case, I doubled the relief on my back by using the gun I usually keep in my purse. At under 19 ounces when unloaded, the weight is hardly noticed when you're used to almost three pounds of steel and lead in the same place.

I was also reminded of the times I shot some informal action pistol courses with my old Charco Bulldog Pug, also a 5-shot revolver in .44 Special. Even though the stages were set up with snubbies in mind, the limited capacity and slower reload gave zero margin for error. When you've got only five beans in the wheel, you really want to make every one of them count.

Y'know, which is cool and all, because it was a good and concrete reminder that I'm not carrying a pistol because I'm looking to get in a fight. While it sure beats a handful of nothin', only a crazy person would get in a fight with a five-shooter. (Although they make splendid starter pistols for the "Panicky Fleeing Intended Victim 100yd Dash," to paraphrase Mike Irwin.)


Anonymous said...

Have you considered yoga?

Shootin' Buddy

Stranger said...

Most of those fleeing the intended victim manage to make it for more than 100 yards. Usually at a worlds record setting pace for the 1000 Meters.


Tam said...


Who cares about them? I'm talking about the panicky intended victim, which would be me in this case.

It would be polite of them to run in the opposite direction, but staying where they are is fine, too.

Anonymous said...

Five rounds and the ablity to put them to good use will beat 17 rounds of spray and pray 99% of the time.

Besides that revolver is soo ugly the zombies will avert their gaze as soon as they see it.


Kristopher said...

If you put five rounds in the opponent's chest before fleeing, he will slow down a bit.

Gives you the competitive edge ...

I just can't stand IWB carry. Open carry, a turse, or the airweight in a back pocket holster for me.

RevolverRob said...

I'm a fat guy, OWB is how I roll. Typically with about 2.5 pounds of steel and aluminum. When it gets to me though, 5-shots of .38 Special in the front pocket will do. I'm with you Tam, the gun is just my baton in the 100 yard relay.


Lewis said...

"The gun is just my baton in the 100 yard relay."

Good one, RevolverBob!

Matt G said...

"Besides that revolver is soo ugly the zombies will avert their gaze as soon as they see it."

And Gerry just said a mouthful.

I remember coon-fingering that particular purse dumpling, and thinking "Something would have to be as massively useful as this is, to survive being killed with fire at birth."

Alas, we didn't have any extra Special rounds with us to shoot it, that trip.

AM said...

Only a crazy person would get into a fight with someone with a 5 shot revolver.

Which is why you would carry a revolver in the first place. Normal citizens aren't the problem.

Will said...

The thing about those hump back Smiths is the view from the side is almost as ugly as the view of the muzzle. ;)

I prefer to switch to a shoulder rig when my IWB gets uncomfortable. I may even go to one of the snubbies if weight is a problem. The 442 isn't quite as ugly as that 296 from either angle, but it IS my lightest snub.

phlegmfatale said...

Funny - shootin' buddy took the words out of my mouth re: Yoga. Or bellydancing-- that's way more fun, actually. I've been thinking lately how damned heavy my purse is with my firing iron in, and I've been thinking with my own personal brand of rage, I could probably beat someone to death with it, in a pinch.