Saturday, May 22, 2010

Overheard in Front of the Television:

Visiting Knoxville, watching a Braves game on the telly. One of those new FEMA commercials comes on:
Voiceover: "Get a kit. Make a plan. Be informed. Be"

Me: "Oh, I'm ready, .gov."

Gunsmith Bob: "Question is, is .gov ready?"


West, By God said...

I notice something conspicuously absent from the .gov approved bug-out-bag.

Joanna said...

And suddenly I've got Kermit the Frog in my head: "I'm ready for the big time -- is it ready for me? Movin' right alonggggggggg ... "

Anonymous said...

.gov and the Animal Farm Media are ready to bleat, "It's STILL all Bush's fault!" Does that count?

Roberta X said...
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Roberta X said...

(Some horrible HTML/typo error messed up the first iteration).

West, by... Hey, of course you or I'd have a .22 in the .gov "Books, games, puzzles or other activities for children" category -- and if you had one of those, you'd surely be having a real gun along, in addition.

...Aw, how much gun do ya need to be shot by cops and shipped off to a FEMA camp if you survive, anyhow? Bring stuff they can use -- gold fillings, for instance.

;) -- I hope.

Rabbit said...

Oh hell, .gov expects folks to do the patriotic thing and dig a long trench-like hole in the yard, remove their interior doors and place them over the trench and die in place to avoid leaving the chore of burying their carcass to the 'already stretched thin resources of your national government'. Of course, you need to make sure you have already filed and paid your taxes for the year and left the keys to your car in the mailbox so that it may be redistributed, with your residence, to someone whose need is greater.

Screw them. It's going to be the folks with common sense who survive. I'd expect an 85% mortality rate in urban areas if "the checks" were late by 2 weeks. They'd be like fish in an evaporating pond. The key is to stay away from the pond when the egrets show up.

D.W. Drang said...

I pointed out in my post "Subversive...?" that CERT training spends a lot of time telling you "You're on your own."

John B said...

no body's ready for the Tam-ish inquisition!

bdickens said...

Hee. Hee.

Boat Guy said...

.gov's ready - to save ".gov", only it's called continuity of operations.
There are LOTS of good folks who work for .gov who are ready and "spending those renegade pesos" on all that appropriate stuff NOT included on the .gov list. 'Course they're unarmed at work so it's up to .gov to protect them while they're toiling away - uh huh

1894C said...

Want to see funny?....


Searched for 'firearm' Search took 0.01 seconds.

Your search - firearm - did not match any documents.
No pages were found containing "firearm".


* Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
* Try different keywords.
* Try more general keywords.


Ha ha...

1894C said...

Oh, a Google search for firearm...


SafeSearch off ▼
› Off› Moderate (recommended)› Strict
More about SafeSearch
Advanced search

About 7,380,000 results
(0.31 seconds)


sobriant74 said...

I've done a good bit of MRC and CERT training and I gotta say, its all pretty depressing when it comes to what FEMA and its state siblings think is going to happen. They all say, in between the lines, things are going to get bad and stay bad b/c the government can only take care of One major city sized disaster at a time, so anything regionla or larger is going to everything to go to hell in a handbasket real quick. Ever read the "The Day the Dollar Died" series? I think its totally unrealistic b/c the government keeps things together in the story...

Anonymous said...

Get a Kit - Check

25 Rifles in Army surplus crates
5000 rounds of 7.62
5000 rounds of 5.56
500 rounds of BMG 50
5000 rounds of .40 Cal
8000 rounds of 9mm

Make a plan - CHECK !!
Neighbor has a huge stockpile of food

Be informed - Check
HAM radios everywhere and a nice area on up in the mountains with a cabin and bio-diesel power (with a HUGE underground Tank)

Be ready -

Oh trust me ... i am ready.