Sunday, May 23, 2010


Interpol issues global alert for stolen art

Right-o. If anybody offers me any suspicious Picassos (Picassi?) at a crazy-good price in the next few weeks, I'll be sure to give Interpol a call.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

HEY! Wait!

No, false alarm. That was a drawing by my niece.

staghounds said...

I seen them at the flea market yesterday!

Or maybe at the elementary school...

Ambulance Driver said...

Psssst... Hey pretty lady! Wanna buy a real fancy pitcher?

reflectoscope said...

Why would a person steal such a thing? Because it is there, perhaps? A well-heeled and morally flexible art collector?

Hell of a thing to try and fence, anyway.


GuardDuck said...

In high dollar art theft, the fence happens before the theft.

Matt G said...

I'll check the pawn shops for cubist and Blue Period works.

Anonymous said...

I have a velvet Elvis for trade.


Anonymous said...

I have a velvet Elvis for trade.


monkeyfan said...

Gerry I'll take that Velvet Elvis off your hands for a Piss 0bama.

Anonymous said...

Hate to rat him out, but it looks like one of Pablo's best has popped up over at Marko's...misattributed of course.


Jim said...


I am the nephew of he late Col. Hakuna Matta, of His Majestey's Most High Crown Royal Disappropriation Corpse.

The Dear Leader Late Col. had recently come into possession of some rare and priceless fine art, disappropriated from evil northern hoarders. With his passing, this art has now come into my hands, and I humbly request your help in getting it out of my ravaged country and into the safety of your Estados Unitus, as I understand you're called now.

To this end, might you send me your account and routing number, so that I might, deposit advance sums sufficent to cover the costs of safely transporting this fine and rare art into your possession?

Of course, as soon as it reaches you, you are to sell it for the beeeellions it is worth, and can keep half of what you earn, giving me the other half.

Respectfully yours,

Rev. Huck Spamster.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Noah D said...

Check out under the old tank in the village square.

Anonymous said...


You'll have to throw in a Wolf howling at the Moon T-shirt.