Monday, August 02, 2010

If irony were electricity, your TV would have exploded.

From the transcript of "This Week" on ABC yesterday:
PELOSI: ...So what we would like to see is for President Karzai be a more reliable, a stronger partner, ending the corruption, increasing -- improving the governance

AMANPOUR: Blahblahblah

PELOSI: Yakkity-smackity

AMANPOUR: Let's go to something much closer to home right now at the moment and that is the ethics conundrum with Representative Rangel.
...and they didn't cue the laugh track!

I mean, that's comedy gold right there. Sure, her timing was off, because she should have segued to Rangel immediately after Pelosi's comment on "improving the governance" but still, that's as funny as anything ABC's scriptwriters have done in their sitcoms.

(H/T to Freedom Is Mandatory.)


jimbob86 said...

You didn't catch that little slip there where she was going to say "increasing the governance", but caught herself....

Easy enough to do, if you are a effin Socialist: They really DO believe that More Government is Better Government.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Commie interviewing Commie for the Sunday Propaganda Reports. Irony is that ABC had to grab Clinton's former Ass. Sec. of State's WifeyPoo for the Lovefest from the ZNN (Zero News Network). This might explain why the New President of ABC recently said (words to the effect) "That ABC has a lot of work to do to regain its ratings". That, plus the fact that "Lost" had one the most Suck Butt endings since J.R. woke up from his dream.

Anonymous said...

liberal socialist with more of the same! Two totally useless wates of flesh. No wonder i wouldn.t watch these idiots.