Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keeping the discourse elevated.

A union thug spent the dues of working people to travel to Alaska for the purpose of denouncing Emmanuel Goldstein. It's, like, the top story on CNN's Political Ticker, complete with a transcript.

I was, quite frankly, a little surprised that the phrase "I'm rubber, you're glue; what bounces off me sticks to you," appeared nowhere therein.


og said...

Having spent in excess of three decades in the company of steelworkers, ironworkers, autoworkers, and machinists, I can safely say there are only two greater threats to our republic than the Unions: the media, and leftist academics drilling their agendas into each succeeding generation.

Blackwing1 said...

Reasoned Discourse(tm) has broken out at the linked site...comments have now been disabled.

Hmmm...can't imagine why.

Brad K. said...

It seems to me that labor unions require federal intervention to get jobs shifted from the free market to union representation. Which is what AFL-CIO is concerned about; they care nothing about how many people are working, as long as all union people are working, and they leverage to capture everyone else into the "family".

It seems to me that decreasing burdens on business - like regulations and unions - and reducing punitive taxes - like union dues - would reduce the cost businesses face to hire an extra 2 or 2000 people.

It seems to me that the claims I have heard union people make - that unions provide qualified people and provide benefits that employers don't - are being flexible with the truth. The first act in organizing a union presence, is to demand that the employer contract benefit provision to the union. That is, the union deliberately and maliciously creates the appearance of providing health and injury benefits to workers to portray the union as benevolent and the employer as uncaring. As for providing qualified workers, most times that is because unions work in closed shops, and everyone working has to be union. And only the union is allowed to determine the worker is qualified.

It seems to me that a union official talking about creating jobs by increasing union influence and presence is just . . unseemly.

And his remark about Palin pulling people to the right? Perhaps she just ran away from his position first. And perhaps he is just noticing that fewer people are willing to stand next to him, or tolerate unions, anymore. Perhaps labor unions are one of the luxuries of affluence that fail quickly, in troubled times.

B Smith said...

There's a reason the Mafia and the unions have such close ties.
Similar (or identical) business practices.

Justthisguy said...

Well, yeah, Mr. Smith. Thugs, and bullies, and all.

M'self, I think the rot set in when we admitted all of those German failed "reformers" soon after 1848. Those guys were collectivists, and had a lot to do with founding the republican busybody party, and other Pwogwessive evil nonsensical things.

Do not forget! The Republicans were the original nationalizing and centralizing party!

In other words, cops and bullies!