Friday, August 06, 2010

QotD: The real Useless Eaters edition.

TJIC on lifetime career politicians:
In fact, the majority of these !@#$-bags don’t even realize that they’re doing damage – they burn down businesses, lives, savings, and investments, and then they pat themselves on the back for handing a contract to a campaign donor, or for building a new bus station and plastering their names on it.

For a specific example, as if one were needed, there's one of those people that Marko says aren't trying to steer us towards socialism:
...this gerrymandered race-baiting footsoldier of the class war, this remora on the flank of Leviathan, this vacuous sinkhole of consumption that does nothing but suck in tax dollars and shit out red tape and misery.
The subject of that quote hasn't done a single productive thing since she first stuck her face in the public trough thirty-seven years ago; I doubt she remembers what a real job feels like. She has been living on the looted pelf of the productive since before I could tie my own shoes, and the people keep sending her back for more because she brings back the pork and fuels their sense of resentful entitlement.


Don M said...

Thanks Tam, that was worth waiting for!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Tam, you are on fire!

(In a literary rather than literal sense, of course.)

Borepatch said...

This may win the "Best Blog Post Title" award, getting-a-true-intellectual-education edition.

Rabbit said...

The only job Maxine is competent to do involves cleaning supplies and manual scrubbing, and even then, requires constant supervision.

Anonymous said...

It is easy enough to understand if you consider those who keep returning this creature to office VOTE--rather than WORK--for a living.

idahohunter said...

WHAT can we DO?! (insert handwringing here) WHAT can we DO?!