Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Looming tragedy.

Pork bellies hit all-time high.

In case you didn't know, pork bellies are the ore from which they get bacon. Apparently a spike in demand has coincided with a drop in supply, et voila! Record prices.

(H/T to SurvivalBlog.)


Secesh said...

Oh noes, we iz doomed.

Revolver Rob said...

I have to admit...we have been eating a lot of turkey bacon lately. I know, sacrilege, but it is cheaper, healthier, and still taste good. So, I doubt I will be feeling the pinch from the rising costs of pork bacon. On the flipside, it could drive the cost of all bacon up.

Could this be the end of a bacon loving world as we know it, though? I think it's a conspiracy by the government to free us of deliciously, delicious, bacon.


WV: Chestlag. That's what happens when you're a late bloomer...

Frank W. James said...

The reason for the "...cutback in supply..." was just two years ago pork producers were losing (on average) $30 per head for everyone shipped to market.

The only ones left are those with deep pockets and they knew the market had to turn around sometime. It's that old supply and demand thing...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Lissa said...

Nooooooo!!!! *sniffle*

(About the turkey bacon - is that stuff really edible? I've eaten turkey pepperoni and liked it just fine, but bacon is . . . y'know . . . BACON.)

ajdshootist said...

Its a wicked plan by Muslims i tell you to rid the world of BACON the food of the gods dont tell Breda she will be deppressed!

theirritablearchitect said...

The best thing from bacon is the bacon drippings.

Do you know what all you can do with bacon drippings?

The list is long. Too long to go into, here, but look into it.

If TEOTWAWKI ever comes, you'll be glad you saved yer bacon drippings.

og said...

I've seen turkey bacon being made. I wouldn't eat that shit on a bet. Same thing Jello, you could 't force that crap down my throuat without a funnel and a gun.

Stranger said...

Don't believe most of what you read when it comes to diet. If you thumb through back issues of National Geographic you will find plenty of geezers standing in front of a gaggle of wives with their latest child in their arm - and the medal Queen Victoria gave them on their chest.

Their diet? Meats, cheeses, nuts, and usually a little rice. Most would not know what to do with a piece of wheat flour based bread.

And your daily fishwrapper will provide plenty of pix of people who "ate right," and made the trip to Ye Olde Plantation at 40. Some of them were diet and exercise gurus. As are many getting their arteries stented and rotorooted at the horse pistol.

It's not what you hear, it's what works that counts. So eat your bacon, it's good for you.


ZerCool said...

But Mortimer, what's happening to the price of Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice?!??!

We actually had a discussion about this over beers the other night; seems piglets are running $75-100/head for good stock and people are buying them up as fast as they can. Expect to see a swing back down to "normal" in 18 or 24 months.

Meantime, stock up on bacon!

Anonymous said...

All commodities are on the rise. If you have any money in equities get out and put your money in gold, wheat, pork, cattle and of course FCOJ.

This is really just a reflection of the US dollar being devalued against tangibles.

Moriarty said...

We bought half a pig from a 4-H kid this year. Being the occasionally organized person I am, I put the wrapped bacon at the top of our big locker freezer (the "Dahmer" as my wife calls it) and the other cuts at the bottom.

It made it much easier to get to it... right up until the compressor failed.

The bottom of the unit stayed frozen, but the tragedy of throwing out pounds of wonderful, succulent, perfectly smoked slices of sow belly can still flare my melancholia.

rickn8or said...

Izzat because we've been putting our corn in our gas tanks instead of our hawgs??