Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Misread that.

Unc pointed to an article in the UK paper The Sun in which a whole passel of limeys dropped a pantload at the idea of some 'Murrican Bubba posting pictures on the interwebs of his teenage daughters posing with their hunting trophies, including what appears to be a splendid specimen of eland.

Amid the wagging fingers, quivering lips, and general attacks of the vapors was this quote: Should people hunt for sport?

I swear to you, on a stack of copies of The Art Of The Rifle, that I read that at first as Should you hunt people for sport? and the first thought that popped into my head was "Well, that all depends on the people, doesn't it?"


BobG said...

"Well, that all depends on the people, doesn't it?"

I agree; hunting liberals would be on par with clubbing baby seals, or bludgeoning dodos.

Montie said...

It's amazing how total the "wimpification" of the populace in the country where "Great Britain used to be" has progressed, isn't it. Especially considering that the Brits practically invented hunting for "sport" rather than merely for survival.

Anonymous said...

Yes, bambiism (if you're going to start throwing around the Art of the Rifle, then I'm going to use the lingo) is much advanced in the UK.

Maybe staghounds should comment?

Shootin' Buddy

Boat Guy said...

Being a meat-hunter (my Dad said you kill somethin 'cause you're gonna eat it - or 'cause it's gonna eat you) I'll pass on the "long-pig" if it's all the same.
Not to say that clubbing liberals wouldn't be a civic service...

Bubblehead Les. said...

"I've got a little list, they never will be missed.."

parabarbarian said...

Perhaps this helps explain why the English have become such easy prey.

Anonymous said...

Last time I people hunted, .gov was footing the bill. Much cheaper that way...

Had some Brits along as well... Guess those Brits don't read the Sun much. :)

theirritablearchitect said...

Whether or not one believes in that sort of thing is moot.

It has been done before, and, believe it or not, we will be witnessing it again, and soon, I believe.

ajdshootist said...

Have a look in the English Daily Mail some very good photos of the girls and there Trophy's more power to those two,way to go.

Firehand said...

Actually, in some cases it would be classed as either 'varmint' or 'predator' control, as opposed to sport hunting.

D.W. Drang said...

After the way they wet themselves over a bunch of Gurkhas doing what Gurkhas do--not to mention, what the Queen hires the Gurkhas to do--I'm afraid this only rates a mild "tut" on my part. And only one "tut", at that.

WV: criessed. More or less what I said when I read The Tale Of The Gurkhas and the Boh's head...

Don said...

I stopped reading at the hippie girl who declared "ALL living things have the SAME right to live that we do!! Enough said!!!!"

I would have had to register to leave a comment asking her what inorganic food source she's discovered, so I lost interest and wandered off. Sadly, I was raised by television and that's about as much caring as I can muster.

Hell, for all I know, she's a Breatharian and she's dead serious.

Stretch said...

Which begs the question:
"What gun/caliber for hippies?"

RevolverRob said...

Love the commenter, "Uneducated immature girl".

I've met my fair share of Brits. The only thing they are more educated about than the average American is whether or not to extend the right or left pinky with tea.

I'd fair to wager the girls are better educated that many British youths of a similar age. Better yet, I KNOW they are better educated, they can shoot. Which means they can find their own meals, stalk their own game, and defend their own lives, without a CCTV and a pack of Bobbies.

I've never been overly impressed by Brits and their "education". I prefer learning things to recitation formulated brainwashing.


OrangeNeck said...


Me: "Because there's no season on Libtards."

Okay, that didn't happen...yet.

Matt said...

As someone once said : some people are like slinkies, they're not really good for much, but its fun to push them down the steps.

saves ammo that way too

Anonymous said...

My Daddy once told me "Pull your weight, or you are food."

Does harvesting an Eloi count as "hunting"?

John said...

Mankind has always been hunted, and much of the time was sub-par with the better equipped meat eaters or smart big herbivores.

It is much to the detriment of our human herd, that knowing which is the pointy end of the stick and which is the sharp end of an animal is no longer an essential ingredient to survival success.

The more 'civilized' we become, the more vulnerable we are to the predators: animals, criminals, expansionist religio-political hordes, and politicians.

If there is a study that examines the effect of 20th Century Euro/English mass-death in Wars of Aggression and Imperial adventures, upon the gene pool.

Were the fit killed of in such numbers, that the breed went soft and prey-like? Or did Socialist Wish-atics just rot brains in general?

Certainly, this country has not lost as significant numbers as the WW1/WW2 overseas crowd. but we do seem to be following into their Wimptard socio-political outlook.

Me? I pray for an a jetstream-borne birth control spray, that with selective placement will induce enough sterility in in the over-breeding gene pools of the world, that a fifty percent reduction of overall population be effected. Pronto.

Of course, I believe that commercial fishing of all sorts should be restricted to sail and oar powered craft. At least, until we grow up about enforcing sustainable of catch limits.

I find it rather ironic that Sci-fi apparently has a firmer grip on projections of our herd's future, than the whole glopbucket of politicos and their tame scientists.

In the meantime, at least the HSUS and PETA and Guncontrol lot could be declared as a threats to the human race and dealt with in a humane, but sporting, manner.

Thank God, for the example Jonathon Swift and the Irish babies. I tell ya, it's an inspiration to The Progressive Thinking Peoples, everywhere.

Personally, I'd love to see the world's tropical forest returned to an 18th Century condition,inhabited by a sketchy population of metal-less hominids.

That would be a good start. That, and widespread use of political hemp in the Progressive sector. Color me an Idealist, but a person has to start thinking of remedial measures somewhere. ;~`)

staghounds said...

Echo the comment that most people who should be "hunted" would provide a very slender challenge. (Especially if actually hunted. it were done by stalking them, or even rough shooting, might be slightly more amusing.)

England is very screwed up about animals, as it is about lots of things. We in the US are not quite so muddled, but we are approaching it.

A huge part of it is Bambiism, thinking of animals as individual, childlike humans. Which, if you live with a dog, is not an unreasonable opinion to hold.

BUT if a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy, we have some immense reordering to do. The moral and practical implications are shattering and few people have thought them through.

A big majority of English people do believe it though, at least when confronted with the death or suffering of an individual animal.

As do most human beings, even hunters. That deer or trout, or asparagus stalk for that matter, wants its next breath just as much as any human being does. When you see the actual end, I believe it's almost a marker of humanity to change sides a little, especially if we respect the game.

But socially, the farther our personal experience goes away from slaking our personal hunger with the reeking flesh of something we had to kill ourselves to avoid starvation, the more we try to pretend that we aren't doing that through intermediaries. And in any first world country the people who actively kill animals or who know those who do are in a very small minority. Probably the largest minorities are the US and Australia, but they are still small proportions.

That's where the "for sport" argument/distinction comes from, to my eye. If it's wrong to kill an animal because it has a right to its life, then the sport/food/it's particularly tasty/clothing/medical research/competes for arable land/eats crops we need question disappears. It's like slavery, wrong even if the slaves are forced to build a hospital.

If the "for sport" question matters, then you aren't really thinking about the animal, either as an individual or as a species. It makes no difference to the eland whether its killer was hungry, a sadist, or a meteorite.

It only matters to a human observer, making a moral judgement about what are or are not acceptable human acts from the observer's perspective. You're against killing that animal FOR SPORT, because you think that it's not sporting, or because you think the effect on the killer is bad, or because you don't like the sort of person you imagine the killer to be and want to inconvenience him.

You know, not against bear baiting for the bear, but because you're against the pleasure it gives the spectators.

The same article will get the same response in a US publication.

For what my opinion is worth, the more extreme a person's perspective is, the more I believe they have thought it through. PETA and Ducks Unlimited are thinking clearly. Maybe wrongly, but clearly, and I can respect both positions. The person wearing leather shoes and eating corn- you know, animals are killed so they won't eat it first- who get all pi$$y about hunting or shooting are usually just confrused.

RaspberrySurprise said...

Secretivepixie - what's your issue? There are hundreds of cultures out there with differing views to your own so why get on your high horse about this?

Believe it or not, men are still allowed numerous wives in some cultures.
Naked boys run across cows to be considered men in some cultures.
Young girls volunteer to get whipped because it's an honour is some cultures.
Fathers have children legally with their own spawn in some cultures.
People shoot animals for sport in some cultures.

It's not your culture, it's not your life. You as a person are most likely influenced by your parents culture who are most likely influenced by their parents culture and so on - Just be glad you're not from one of the many many cultures out there that doesn't allow women to have freedom of speech.

I liked this comment. It made me think about how liberals LOVE diversity, but only when it's cultures they love being diversified. Other lesser cultures such as hunting and gun owning are fit only for barbarians.

John B said...

I love it, when I see those signs telling me to "respect diversity", I want to slap a 8X10 poster of a honky in a hard had at the bottom, with the caption "Even Mine".

And I don't want a season on people, 'cos it would too soon be my turn. Someone would decide I'm Hippy-er than thou!

Sort of like baiting Christians with the "If Jesus commands you to love all, then you must also love Satan."
I've wasted lots of lovely hours arguing with the missionaries that way.

staghounds said...

They believe in tolerating things they like and people with whom they agree.