Saturday, September 03, 2011

Overheard in the Office:

RX: *laughs* "Hey, Tam, did you know Teddy Roosevelt nuked Japan?"

Me: "No, but it would have saved a lot of trouble down the road if he would have. It's a little-known fact that the Great White Fleet carried nuclear-tipped cruise missiles."


Joseph said...

That's why I come here, I learn something new every day!! And I do love history!

I'll bet the U.S.S. Maine had cruise missiles, too!

Anonymous said...

And the screening nuclear-powered submarines had ICBMs, too!!

cap'n chumbucket

Lewis said...

Now it's the Great Green Fleet.

What's that old line about history repeating, as tragedy first, then as farce?

Alan J. said...

Thanks for starting my day with such a good laugh! The only thing missing was adding "Don't start a war if you can't take a joke!" and the Clown Mushroom Cloud jpeg.

WV: nogeni - No genie will ever be able to put this one back in the bottle.

Robert said...

Well, to be fair I don't think that the commenter was suggesting that. Tis funny though.

Tam said...


Oh, I know; it's just that the way it was phrased was funny.

Dave_H said...

Sure he did. I believe it happened on the 8th of October, and I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the Smoot-Hawley tariff.
Of course the Germans declared war and bombed Pearl harbor shortly thereafter.

Charles Pergiel said...

A very little known-fact. I, for instance, did not know it. Once again I am glad to have that obvious hole in my knowledge filled in.

Kristopher said...

TR did not nuke Japan, although he wanted to.

He did put down the Sasquatch revolt while using nuclear powered cybernetic enhancements.

Anonymous said...

I've never been able to forget how annoyed I once was at the ranking, by some chinless wonder ensconced in one of the universities that Obama would doubtless favor, of TR as being a second-rater as a President, due to his not having been a wartime President.

There is a very good reason this country didn't fight a war while TR was President--no other world leader wanted to find out what would happen if they started something.

Which is pretty close to being the geometric opposite of our current predicament.

Mike James

Gnarly Sheen said...

I've always loved Frank's site, his style of humor is...different.

"In unrelated news, another reporter was found dead, an apparent victim of the "Rumsfeld Strangler". This time the strangler left a new calling card, a Polaroid of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld strangling the victim with the message, "Here's me, Donald Rumsfeld, strangling this guy," written on it. Police profilers say the culprit is probably a nineteen-year-old Latino woman. D.C. police said they will not investigate, though, because "murderers are scary."

Lergnom said...

I toured the Olympia a couple times, didn't see cruise missile launchers. Did they take them out before they gave her to Philadelphia? That would have really disappointed former mayor Rizzo, who wanted federal troops during the Bicentennial.
stay safe