Thursday, September 01, 2011

So. Full. Of. Win.

How had I not seen this before?

I feel slightly more complete, now...

(And the fact that anybody with a desktop computer and a smidgen of talent these days can do SFX that shame Hollywood circa 1977 is just a bonus.)


Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Those are pretty cool, but I prefer the fan original productions. Some of these guys even manage better fight choreography and sometimes better cinematography than even the prequels did. said...

If you haven't yet seen freddiew's channel, you're still missing out.

If you start with his oldest videos, it's gratifying to see the progression from college buddies doing joke projects, to actually being invited by studios to do guest shorts.

Plus, they are entertaining and usually have good weapon handling.

Drang said...

Freddy Wong's stuff is the Shiznit. (Although, the chick in the one, dumping him for the d00d in the Miata, was dumb...)

Ausprepper said...

I didn't kill you father...
I AM your father!
Search your feelings.
You know it to be true.

greg said...

Pretty neat. At least he doesn't have him screaming 'NOOOOOO!!!!!!'.

Robbie said...

I am posting this to my facebook page immediately. I am such a geek. Thanks for making my day!

NotClauswitz said...

Pretty kewl! Way-better than Spielberg turning guns into cell-phones anyhow.

SiGraybeard said...

I feel like I've just been introduced to a wonderful world that I didn't even know exists...

russell1200 said...

O.K. This is what you got started.

I show my 2nd grader, a Star Wars fanatic, the video.

He notes that they are using a different type of sword style than the Star Wars crowd: which of course he views as the only proper style.

I decide to do a movie dinner night (Mommy buys in fortunately) and pull out the old VHS tape of the 1993 Three Musketeers.

After which he is impressed enough (to put it mildly) to start using a new "Musketeer Style" when he is (plastic) light saber dueling with Mommy.

In any case at the end of the movie. D'Artagnan is kissing the lady in waiting on the lips as he comes down the steps from being musketeered by the king.

My son says: Oh look, he has gotten married to her at the same time!

Me: Do you think so?

Son: Yes! And how come they all have five wives?

Me: ...... I don't think they are their wives, I think those are girlfriends.

Son: Put they are kissing them on the lips. Why are they doing that?

Me: ..... Uh. Their French! The French do that !

At this point the interrogation was going to really get launched. But Mommy, who had not heard the conversation (or she might have let me flounder a bit longer) started the getting to bed process.

I remember really liking the 1974 Four Musketeers, but that might bring up too many marital issues.