Friday, September 23, 2011

Severe downturn in Sunshine & Kittens futures.

Between the handwringing over Greece and the Eurozone, the Palestinian-related hair-pulling at the UN, the stock market crapping the bed, and NASA running around yelling that the sky is falling, the only way you can tell the front page of from SurvivalBlog right now is by the graphics and color schemes.

I'm going short on Daffodils & Butterflies and buying more colanders.


Rev. Paul said...

Don't forget gas. The wars in Lord Humongous' day were all about fuel.

Mattexian said...

With the morning TV news going during our coffee break, I shrugged at the wailing and gnashing of teeth from Wall Street, and muttered to my bud that I was planning on investing in precious metals anyway-- steel, copper, and lead! He smirked at the sentiment.

bedlamite said...

Fox has a realtime tracking doohickey on their website. Takes a while to load though.

Charles Lee Scudder said...

Eh, I perfer other places to try and terrify me. May I recommend Aliens? It actually makes more sense.

Anonymous said...

This site loads faster

Visibility for your zip code here


Anonymous said...



Not Tories

Whatever. Twenty minutes