Saturday, September 24, 2011

Training Day 1...

One-word-After-Action-Report: Whupped.

Just whupped.

Todd's one-day "Speed Kills" class is not Basic Handgun One. I am so glad that I had his Aim Fast, Hit Fast class last fall before taking this one, which was all about making low-probability hits at speed. As it was, I was hanging on my chinstrap by the end of the day.

I'd love to write an actual AAR right now, but I have to get a good nights sleep before tomorrow, because tomorrow is going to be all Shooting On the Move, so the AAR thing is going to need to wait until Monday.


Keads said...

Get some rest! I look forward to your full review later. For now do what you need to do! Time on the range with Todd is a finite resource.

Sport Pilot said...

I’m not sure what level of conditioning one could or should do to prepare for a physically challenging firearms training course, I’ve always been exhausted afterwards. Worse, with mild arthritis in my hands and fingers I finish each day in pain. Afterwards I wonder why I keep going back for more punishment but wouldn’t have it any other way.