Tuesday, September 27, 2011

They report, I deride.

Days of Rage! The Arab Spring Comes To The Big Apple! It's A Social Media Revolution To Usher In The People's Utopia!

They're even towing a giant parade balloon of Michael Moo... no, wait... that is Michael Moore.

CNN is still reporting on this wet firecracker, which confuses me. There's something odd about watching the employees of a multibillion dollar corporate conglomerate fawning over people chanting "DEATH TO MULTIBILLION DOLLAR CORPORATE CONGLOMERATES!"

I mean, I know Woodstock was long ago and you've since sold out to the Man and gladly cash his paychecks, but deep down in your ever more sclerotic heart, you really want to get out there and teach those whippersnapper Rage Against The Machine fans (many of whom are showing a bit of gray at their own temples) how to sing "Give Peace A Chance" and get tear-gassed by a pig for old time's sake, don't you?

You know how you can spot the bias? Go read any coverage of this thing from CNN or NYT or any other "Main Stream Media" source, and hardly anywhere will you find a mention of the dismal turnout. If some Teabagger protest promised 20,000 people and didn't even turn out three hundred, you would never hear the end of it from the professional punditry.

But there are no enemies to the left.


Anonymous said...

After this I stopped reading:

"Bruner said protestors plan to present a list of demands, though they don't know when or to whom they will present them to."

I cannot help but wonder to whom they outsource copyediting to.

the pawnbroker said...

Somewhere it said there were more media bodies than organizers and protestors; not sure how they can tell the difference.

Bram said...

I love the whining and crying about "police brutality". The protestors should use the IPhones they bought from the richest corporation in the world to look up what happens to protestors in Syria.

ToddG said...

apocyph beat me to it. I read that same line and thought, wow, this guy is a shoe in for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination. He has the right (I mean left!) political viewpoint and clearly meets the standards for a Democratic Presidential candidate in terms of planning and foresight.

Shrimp said...


Bad grammar aside, I had to laugh out loud at the sheer stupidity of it. They know they're mad, but they don't quite know what to do about it. If one has a list of demands, but doesn't know to whom it should be addressed*, perhaps the demands are not worth the paper on which they're written.

But we're gonna protest anyway. Stupid SOBs.

* superfluous "to"

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

They're even towing a giant parade balloon of Michael Moo... no, wait... that is Michael Moore.

I LOL'ed. :)

Bubblehead Les. said...

Quick! Tam's Attacking the Left! Someone eMail AttackWatch!

(Don't worry, we'll do our best to help you raise your place on the White House Enemies List so you can be along side Palin, Foxnews, Boehner, the Pauls....)

RL said...

Pawnbroker: "not sure how they can tell the difference."

Better cameras?

WV: grankey

John Stephens said...

It took them a week just to work up the nerve to get pepper sprayed. Not much rage there, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

MiniTru likes to claim that they are not biased, but they demonstrate their bias in what they decide to cover. Fat Mikey leads a few dozen smelly hippies in a protest on Wall Street? NATIONAL NEWS! Solydra? Never heard of it.

If I may offer another example, John King (CNN, if you're among the millions of people who DON'T watch that network) spent perhaps a quarter of an hour on his program last night "discussing" how a "raaaaacist" bake sale by College Republicans at Berkley has provoked "outrage".

Yeah, on the part of the 13% of Berkley students who aren't too stoned to notice*... Most of the rest of the country couldn't care less what a bunch of college kids are doing. However, to CNN, it supports the "Republicans are RAAAAACISTS!" meme, and that's about all they care about. No wonder their ratings aren't doing too well.


(*) Somehow, I think that Berkley students would be far more outraged to find that this bake sale doesn't have "special" brownies.

Anonymous said...

But wait! John Robb is fawning all over them too!

Oooohhh... I get it.

Goober said...

whippersnapper Rage Against The Machine fans (many of whom are showing a bit of gray at their own temples)

I LOL'd at that one, Tam. I was (still am, i guess) a RATM fan, and I'm gray as hell now. Granted, I'm still only 31 years old, but for whatever reason, I laughed my butt off at your comment.

I liked RATM because of it's underlying libertarian message - don't trust the government. I fell out of love for them later on when i realized that they simply meant the US government, and would gladly live in Cuba under their government without a second thought.

Google "Pick your police state" and ratm and see what i mean. Turns out they were raging commies the whole time i thought they were raging libertarians, so I have fallen somewhat out of love with them.

Sigivald said...

CNN is still reporting on this wet firecracker

Hilariously, the big thing from the Left (which I know via Facebook and Google+, since I know lots of people whose politics I utterly disagree with) is that "the media isn't reporting the protests".

What they mean, really, is "it's not getting pushed on everyone every night on TV", since "the media" are certainly reporting on it - just not as much as they want.

(And from the link you gave - "Our main concern is the way that democracy is hijacked through wealth inequality".

I do not even have words for what is wrong with this man's worldview and his use of the term "democracy".)

Tam said...

Anon 11:36,

"But wait! John Robb is fawning all over them too!"

It took me thirty minutes of brain-scratching to figure out who the f%&k "John Robb" was.

Still not sure what Goldblade's lead singer has to do with this, though...

Anonymous said...


That was the point.

Though I think you might agree that "Brave New War" is a better read than the liner notes for "Hairstyle."

Anonymous said...

Same thing in Canada.

Protest in Canada against dumb gun laws a few years ago 10,000 people show on Parliament Hill ( US guys multiply by 10 to get the Can/US effect multiplier) minor (evening) news story soon forgotten ( and ignored by politicians)

Pro life protests regularly pull in several K of people on Parliament Hill. FILLING the square. Yawn. Oh , yeah here it is,filmed from a passing Helicopter at 10,000 ft. and 5 secs is plenty of film.

Some enviro-weenies protest that pipeline that's gonna bring oilsands oil to the US (don't know that their issue is honestly, don't care) or Protesting Dick Cheney's recent visit to Ottawa bring in a couple of hundred protestor each, lost on the grass. HEADLINE TV NEWS lovingly filmed to make it looked like BIG crowds.

But there is NO MEDIA BIAS.

Thomas Smith said...

From my own Blog:

I laughed when I realized that one group of smug, fat, rich, white liberals was protesting another, nearly indistinguishable group of smug, fat, rich, white liberals.

The kabuki will be complete when someone catches on camera a banker leaving a building, looking at the protesters, then yelling at his son to get his ass back to grad school at Purdue before his grades go totally to hell.

Mikael said...


Found that on facebook, seems fitting. Says it all about the media these days doesn't it?

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