Sunday, February 03, 2013

In the Land of King Kid...

In the hoary old joke about slanted media coverage, the New York Times headline reads "World To End Tomorrow: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit."

Increasingly, however, women and minorities are forced to shuffle rearward on the bus to make room for the new first class passengers: The Children. Witness the headline below:
Now if, despite the best efforts of our education system, you actually read the story instead of just scrolling through the photo slideshow to look at the twisted piles of carmageddon, you'll also find out that a couple of adults choked on their last cookies in the tangled sheet metal as well but, you know, they're grownups so, like, whatever.

Who ever got a vote by saying "Won't someone please think of the adults?" Our collective cultural obsession with The Children would get any individual one of us locked up, unless we were a Catholic priest or something.

Serious, articulate adults have been bombarding the Legislative and Executive branches with carefully thought-out pleas both for and against gun control, and yet the President drafts a raft of executive orders after consulting the letters of an advisory committee that averages four feet tall and thinks tater tots and Cinnamon Toast Crunch are two of the four main food groups. Of course these waist-high monsters feel entitled to pitch fits in the toy aisle at Wal-Mart; we've all but told them they run the country.

Here's my proposal for reducing school shootings: We never should have let the little savages out of the coal mines in the first place.


DanH said...

Agreed. Now, how do we put them back?

Greg in Allston said...

"We never should have let the little savages out of the coal mines in the first place." Agreed. And to paraphrase ol' PJ, giving women the right to vote was like giving the keys to the Ferrari and a bottle of whiskey to a teenager.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Present company excepted of course. And I do mean that in a very loving and caring way.

Firehand said...

I'll throw in two things:
Idiot or corrupted adults who think "For the CHILDREN!" is suitable/sufficient excuse for any demand they make;
What the hell kind of parent tells their kid "Sure, write to the President and tell him to ban guns, he has to listen to you."? And then allows the kid to be used as part of the show?

Joseph said...

We've got to ban the high capacity vehicles (buses) and assault highways!

I rather agree here. Used to, kids sat at the kids table and ate what the adults didn't. Now I see parents fixing an individual meal for each critter.

Eck! said...

IT all started with the sign CHILDREN (or twins) ON BOARD the cars. What
that Newspeak really meant is I'm stupid but I also drive around the next genius and if you hit me I will sue to the ends of the earth...

Why else, Its the a POSTED sign just like No Trespassing, or Gun Free Zone.



art said...

Reminds me of another Modest Proposal

Ancient Woodsman said...

A child learns something in no other way they possibly could when they are rasing pigs, chickens, rabbits, etc from the age of seven or so, and shooting to keep the rats & other pests from destroying the grain.

Especially caring for all kinds of animals outdoors in the usual New England winter before breakfast every day. And every child should have to endure a trip to the frozen privy at least once in a winter.

We had guns before age ten, often took them to school, and oddly enough no one did anything mildly bad, as that cricket bat on the wall behind the principal's desk - and the threat of "you'll cut ten cords all by yourself" - carried significant weight.

All that is considered abuse nowadays, but I can't recall any time the prinicipal actually used that cricket bat, and by the time most of us were in high school we couldn't wait to spend a week or so in the woods working up the firewood and such, enjoyed the bacon & ham from home-grown, and just generally think that we had an awesome time growing up.

Now, we spend all our time ensuring the kids 'feel good' about themselves all the time and yet for some reason they continue to act out in violent ways. Clearly being told that you are awesome every day and being given trophies for showing up is not working out. The media has yet to learn that.

Steve Skubinna said...

Remember when Nancy Pelosi first took the position of Speaker of the House, and said something to the effect that the Speaker's gavel was going to be in the hands of the nation's children? Aside from being a stupid thing to say, it was also stupid.

Plus, stupid.

Dopey old me, I thought the government should run the country on behalf of the adults, who themselves would take care of the children.

By which I mean, their own children. But progressivism aims to make all of us wards of the state, and as such will be the great leveler.

the pawnbroker said...

My acronym-riddled LEO/CSI/SRO/FFL friend Tom whom I spoke of in comments of your prior post, would agree. And he would suggest giving the parental enablers the shaft right along with the little darlin's.

The thing is, Tom loves kids; he was a youth-league baseball coach for many years, and the discipline and teamwork he imbued there helped create a lot of well-adjusted mini-citizens cognizant of real-world rewards and consequences.

That's why he chose to spend the last years of his LE tenure as an SRO at the middle-school level. Alas, as he lamented to me, by that time, at the tender ages of 10-14, it was already too late. All of his time was spent in damage-control and intervention with the bad seeds, and almost none as a role model and example for the good kids, of which there were many.

That is the tragedy of our .edu I guess it is in later life under .gov.

So Tom is back to doing what he does best, this time as an FFL; in addition to standard instruction for CWP, he is putting together a .22 rifle club for that age group; too bad they'll have to fight for guns and ammo due to the BHO boom/shortage.

billf said...

First of all,plus 1 on what the 'woodsman'said.
Next,anyone who pays taxes gets to vote.(I know there are a few bugs in that)But it lets the people who fund the govt more of a say,and the Takers less of a say.We will still take care of children,chronic welfare abusers and the habitually unemployed,but their voice is diminished a little,in favor of those who pay for everything.I think it was Jefferson who said something about the Republic will endure until the people figure out that they can vote themselves payment from the Treasury.Kids don't get to pick.



John Peddie (Toronto) said...

And did you, in a former life, write "A Modest Proposal" under the pseudonym Swift?

Thought so.

Tam said...

John Peddie,

No, but I stole "King Kid" from Florence King.

Scott J said...

My wife and I have been called mean parents by other adults because we refuse to treat our children like the center of the universe.

We once told someone we have a "eat what is served to you or go hungry" policy and I thought they were going to faint and/or call DHR.

I've seen parents who tote special food for their children because the little monsters refuse to eat anything else. What's sad is those parents still think they run their home rather than the children.

leaddog said...

We serve 2 things every night. Take it or leave it. Breakfast is at 0630. Your call. It worked on 4 boys, and you would be amazed at how much less picky the grandkids are at Opa's house than at home. They know that the old man does not put up with crap from kids and if you do not eat the meal presented to you, there is nothing but water until the next serving time.

I have found that children are generally a self fulfilling prophecy, they will behave exactly as you expect them to behave as soon as you clearly outline the rules.

Robert Fowler said...

back in Jr. High in the frozen mitten, I got the Principals criket bat used on me. They had a tough policy about snowballs that the other guy violated, I was the recipient. When I asked the Principal about why I was getting a swat, he had the same answer my mom used to give. If I swat you both, I know I got the right one.

When our grandsons come to visit, we also have a eat whats served policy. I told them we aren't running a restaurant. They might get their way at home, but here they eat and they like it.

Fudgie Ghost said...

The MSM is in love with the IDEA of children and childhood, but not the actual children themselves. .

If they were, they would not allow children to be sexualized, and subjected to inappropriate images and ideas before they are mature enough . . . I'm no prude, by a long shot, but children these days DO have it rough, but not in the fashion of old--in coal mines and factories, where their physical health was threatened,-- but in their minds and emotions which, undeveloped as they are, should not be subjected to the crap that is out there in the various media of today. . and which, in many ways, is more harmful than those physical injuries that might have occurred. . . .

Kristophr said...

Imagine what would have happened if there was a rash of school shootings in Victorian England or America.

First off, school discipline would be tightened. Every child had damned well better start every statement with yes or no Sir ( or Ma'am ), and if the little puke can't get on board, they would be expelled ( and their parents might consider sending them to a coal mine to pick clinkers off of a conveyer belt ).

Second, most of the teachers would just quietly slip a small revolver into a jacket pocket, and call it done. Any stranger coming to the school would be immediately facing a half dozen adults with hands in their pockets.

rickn8or said...

"Remember when Nancy Pelosi first took the position of Speaker of the House, and said something to the effect that the Speaker's gavel was going to be in the hands of the nation's children? Aside from being a stupid thing to say, it was also stupid."

And truthful. Happens sometimes, despite the best efforts of the most accomplished politicians.

Also, that's the thing about Tam; she has enough integrity to only steal from the best.

steve l said...

a nsfw (for language) take in the same vein from George Carlin

Steve Skubinna said...

And truthful. Happens sometimes, despite the best efforts of the most accomplished politicians.

That's known as a Kinsleyan Gaffe. But in Nancy's case, it was the "special needs" children with the grip on the gavel. We should have insisted that she wear a bicycle helmet and reflective vest.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Uhh, the problem with letting them out of the Coal Mines in the first place is that the lucky ones eventually Grow Up, get Married and make a new Batch.

Trust me on this, because my Maternal Grandfather, Paul Nagy is on record as the youngest Coal Miner in the State of Ohio at the age of 10. But that's when they started keeping records. Trust me, a LOT of those kids never were on the Books of Hanna Coal.

Unfortunately, his boys had to be in their Teens before they were allowed into the Mines, and my Cousins had to be 18 before they could go in.

And now the Earth First! Crowd is doing their best to shut down all the Mines.

But what do you do with a Kid in a World where one isn't expected to go to Work until they finish off a Master's in Political Science or Earth Studies? Let them get Drafted into the Military?

Oh wait, we can't do that anymore either....

Anonymous said...

I've long suspected that they profess such love for "The Children" as a way to compensate for the fact that they are complicit in the deaths of so very many of them.

Anonymous said...

More NSFW on kids from Bill Hicks. With a bit of the "where's the love for the adults who were injured / killed?"

Stretch said...

What's the difference between an adult and a child?
Lower point of aim.

global village idiot said...

Tam's met my daughter. I'll let her impressions - should she choose to share them - do the talking.

By way of background, my policy on food was to never make it a bargaining chip. She had the right to say she didn't like something ONLY after she had tried it. The alternative was a PBJ.

As a result, there was no pressure. Since then she has never been a picky eater. She tried kimchi a few months ago because why not that's why. Found out she liked the radish variety.


Cheesy said...

I have a grown son, raised him right, and he's never been anything but a source of pride for his mom and me.
But some of these greedy, snotnosed spoiled little bastards I see unleashed on the world would arguably have done us better as the contents of a weighted gunnysack in a fast-flowing river.

Dean in Az said...

Personally I have been saying this since I was 20 - and that was 1986. It's always a sad tragedy in the MSM if a child dies. In Phoenix every summer is replete with the tragic stories of child drowning and how preventable each one is.

Which indeed is true - but certainly not to the exclusion of the tragic passing of ANY person. Of course, the Libtards only apply this standard AFTER the child is birthed. Before that it's a "choice".

Anywhoo... I am surprised we haven't outright banned swimming pools yet.

Anonymous said...

Stretch, also you don't lead running children as much. Dean, don't forget 5 gal buckets. I suggest we have another Children's Crusade (look it up).

staghounds said...

I never thought I would read such sentimental Bolshevism here.

We didn't "let" them out of the mines. We paid them to work in the mills instead, where their tiny, quick hands provided a real economic advantage.


Woodman said...

My kids eat what they are given on a regular basis. However, since we are often trying very odd new food, and I've ended up not liking some of it myself, there is always the option of trying and not liking and having a sandwich of PB&J or some leftovers.

With three kids, if they don't like it we generally don't make it much. I don't like Chow Mein, and no matter how much someone tries to get me to eat it, I still don't like it.

I have relatives that prepare entirely different meals for their kids on a regular basis. Salmon for mom and dad, and pizza rolls for the kids. Closest I get to that is if there is surf and turf, one of the kids doesn't get surf.

And if it turns out you made a plate full of ass that no one likes, everyone enjoys breakfast for dinner!

Epsilon Given said...

I'm really glad to see that I'm not the only one to notice this!

I was first noticing this with the various reporting on the Sandy Hook massacre. It seemed like they kept on saying "in which 20 children died!". This would clash with my understanding of Sandy Hook--I thought 26 people died--and I would realize that they were only talking about the children. It's as though adults don't even exist!

Before your post, I assumed that they were emphasizing the children solely for political reasons--we need to ban the gun for them, and if you don't ban guns, you're a monster wanting children to die!--but I now understand it's something more: adults don't matter. Never mind that an adult is a sibling, an aunt or uncle, a son or daughter, a father, a grandfather, or someone else who is important in someone's life!