Thursday, February 21, 2013

A member of Future Politicians of America!

"But you have campaign contributions all over your face!"

This kid will go far in Washington.


Anonymous said...

John Milhous Biden began his career as corporate spokeman after law school.


sepulvedasrevenge said...

That video used be about 30 seconds longer but mom didn't want the world to see the part where she lifted him off the ground by the wrist and spanked his little diaper clad ass.

Kid knows it's coming.

Matt G said...

Sadly, this is an example of how most parents do it; she caught him, but she just trained him how to lie more effectively, next time.

Better to let him have no idea of how she figured it out, tell him that she knew he was lying, and instantaneously administer punishment. The psychology works much better.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Or as a member of the New York Times Editorial Board.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I agree with Matt. Don't go through all of that for an obvious lie. Smack the little bastard into next week and he'll know better next time.

Ken O said...

Campaign contributions, is that what they are calling it now. On your face, on the blue dress- given that it is DC, there are so many ways to use this.

Anonymous said...

That's a horrible thing to do to a kid. The correct response is simply to let the kid know that you know he did something wrong. Inticing the kid to lie is the worst thing you could do.

Also; get rid of the stupid junk food, you idiots. Why is it even there? WTF are you doing? If the kid had helped himself to, say, an apple, would you making a federal case of it? Hmm?

In other words; you suck, and you're planting your disease into your kids, but you have no idea of what you're doing. Making this junk food presence/guilt cycle out to be nicey-nice, or thinking it's somehow cute, is disgusting. -- Lyle

Buzz said...

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

(She had them with me!)

Ed said...

That all depends on what your definition of "eating sprinkles" is.

I see law school in that young man's future.

Old NFO said...

AND he does it with a straight face! :-)

montieth said...

Frikken Barney Frank.

Robert said...

"But your arm's off!"

"No it isn't"


"Just a flesh wound."

Matt G said...

"Also; get rid of the stupid junk food, you idiots. Why is it even there? WTF are you doing? If the kid had helped himself to, say, an apple, would you making a federal case of it? Hmm?"

Uh, Lyle? You and I were on the same page until you got to this. They were sprinkles, fer Shiva's sake! You know, to put onto cupcakes or a birthday cake.

Are you seriously such a food Nazi that you believe that "No Honest Man NEEDS Sprinkles In His Kitchen Cupboard"?!?

global village idiot said...

Say what you want, the kid's got spine.

The 1970 movie "Waterloo" depicts an apocryphal exchange between Lord Wellington and an Irish soldier caught looting a pig. From the Wikipedia article (whose description of the scene is as good as any):

"Wellington [discovers] an Irish soldier plundering a pig for food. Looting is a capital offence in the British Army, but when Wellington catches him the looter claims the pig got lost and he was trying to find her relatives. Instead of punishing him, Wellington orders the soldier to be promoted to corporal, for he 'knows how to defend a helpless position'. Wellington then tells de Lancey:

'I do not know what they'll do to the enemy, but by God, they frighten me!'"

In My World, the kid gets promoted to corporal and sent to Quatre Bras.


Anonymous said...

"Are you seriously such a food Nazi...?"

Matt G; Do what you want. I just know from growing up in a house with 8 kids, and from watching my wife operate with our two kids, that having "special" treats around, which you doll out for this or that "special" reason, never works out well. Never. Kids fight over itm, even when you give it them all at the same time, and; "He got more than me...!" and crap like that. It doesn't make anyone happy.

What separates me from a Nazi is that I advocate individual choice. I can try to convince you every which way, even get in your face about it over the internet, but I'll never advocate making a law to force you to do it. That's the line in the sand between a human and a Nazi, my friend. Too often we can get confused over the difference, especially when I am saying essentially what some Nazi is saying. The difference is night and day. -- Lyle

Anonymous said...

Matt G; The Nazi relies purely on intimidation, guilt, coercion and deception. I/we rely purely on reason.

Furthermore; that woman is training her kid to become a Nazi. See above. -- Lyle

global village idiot said...

Both of you go take a nap.