Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tab Clearing...



Leatherneck said...

"...I'd happily put my John Hancock"

I see what you did there.


Anonymous said...

Erin is a nutjob.

And like somebody said there, way cool.


Spud said...

Cheaper than Dirt never has been...
So what else is new about them ?
You're stupid enuff to buy from them, ya get wut ya deserve lol

Brad K. said...

I had read that My Little Pony was attracting a sizable following, amongst yuppies.

All Erin left out was the playdoh scenery!

And no profanity, safe for work, except for those with an MLP fetish.

And the unicorn tie-in to the one-cheek-sneak post relates it all back to what a responsible and honorable President *should* be focused on.

Anonymous said...

As to Kathy's petition, the best part is the chance for we the people to sign on.

As it specifically would be for this one as well, hardly any editing was required:

We the people of this State have assembled to publish and declare that this State hereby withdraws from the Union of States existing under the name of that Union and from the existing Government of those States. Further that all political connection between this State and the Government of said Union of States ought to be and hereby is, totally annulled, and this State is hereby declared a sovereign and independent nation. All ordinances heretofore adopted are rescinded; and all laws or parts of laws in force in this State, in so far as they recognize or assent to said Union hereby are repealed.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Somebody please put that petition up on the regime's petition web site. I'd be happy to sign on.

And yeah, I see what she did there, too :)

global village idiot said...

My daughter enjoyed Erin's post and wishes you to know she is a "Pegasister" who deeply appreciates the appeal for safety.

As for me, Erin's been sharing pony episodes with me on Facebook but I still don't quite get it.


Virginian said...

Oh god the comments at the CTD piece. I love how people who can rant for hours (and rightfully so) about the socialism practiced by DC nowadays, but when they want to buy more AR mags all of a sudden it's time for some good ol' populist bashing of the bloodsucking capitalists. Special kudos to the guy who throws Nuremberg when talking about a private company raising the price of their goods in a free market.

Seriously, seriously, seriously have a lot of hate for Dewey and the rest of the education complex right now. But it's mixed with admiration. They did a hell of a job.

"I agree 100%. They absolutely took adavantage of the panic buying situation and, as you noted correctly, gouged the living crap out of their customers. I no longer patronize CTD. They come off like they are our prepper/survivalist buddies. This is like saying Obama does not really want to regulate and control our guns, he just wants to make sure the kids are safe."

"Nobody’s suggesting anyone set a price based on charitable urges. But a P-mag today doesn’t possess anything intrinsically better, stronger, faster, or anything-er than it did last Thanksgiving to justify an asking price now at 3x what it was at on Dec. 1, 2012. So setting a price that high, and calling it “the marketplace” is simply trying to camouflage the “everyone is doing it” excuse in economic mufti. It didn’t fly at Nuremberg, and it doesn’t work when the traffic cop pulls you over for speeding. Even if everyone is, in fact, doing it."

I have to wonder how all the Imaginary Free Market Capitalists would view jacking the prices on insulin, bottled water, canned food, and gasoline 300% after a hurricane. What’s wrong with that kind of free-market capitalism on your street? Surely they can’t be criticized with raising prices like a rocket when scarcity totally beyond their control makes those items more valuable, can they?
Or how about if the local hospital put a meter and a credit card slot on your family member’s oxygen tube and IV pump…would that be cool too? And of course, in a drought, why not allow the .gov to raise water rates 300%?
Maybe have the fire department show up with ATM access on the side of the rig, and set rates for putting out your house fire based on how much you could pay?
Fair is fair, right?
As if.
Most people want to live in Bedford Falls, but there’s always a couple of clowns that do who’d be happy to bulldoze it and build Potterville.

Anonymous said...

Discussions about price gouging always reminded of this Cox and Forkum cartoon:

NB: CtD's $99 pmags are still in stock! Maybe it's not gouging, they're just overpriced vs. the market? People need to just pipe down and learn from this. Buy when the demand is low and stocks are plentiful, like the rest of us. It's called prepping.