Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Nineties called. They want their "Look! A Girl! With A Gun!™" back.

"Hey, Tam!"


"I said 'Hey, Tam!'"


"Did you hear that Piers Morgan had Paxton Quigley on last night?"

"Hang on, I can't hear you. Let me turn down my Wayne's World soundtrack here... Now, that pompous Limey sphincter had who on last night, again?"

"Paxton Quigley."

"Wow, that takes a girl back..."
It has been brought to my attention that some people may not be aware who Paxton Quigley is, but I've heard a rumor on a firearms forum that she went on CNN and "agreed that nobody needs an AR 15 asssault rifle and that Biden was right when he said a shotgun was a better choice for defending yourself."

The response from most anyone under thirty was "Paxton who?" Some folks googled her and found her website and yes, she's carrying on the good work still, but they were calling out photos of her with a revolver in the half Sabrina, booger hook firmly on bang switch... Why was this Rule Three violatin' chick being lauded as some kind of "self-defense expert"?

Their bafflement was a little understandable, especially in a mostly-dude crowd: Other than a brief trip around the talk show circuit promoting a new book in '05, she's largely been out of the mainstream media eye since the early '90s, when her book Armed & Female came out, well-timed for the ramp-up of the Shall Issue movement.

She cleaned up well, was an effective speaker and self-promoter, a fierce advocate of a woman's right to stick a .38 in her purse and shoot attempted rapists, and those talk show appearances probably sold a lot of Ladysmiths (there was even a "Paxton Quigley" edition of the Smith 640,) but she never really struck me as a serious shooter or a gun nut, just an empowerment and security moto speaker who was okay with guns. But back then, if a talk show needed a woman panelist who was ardent about women carrying firearms, it was pretty much Paxton or nobody.

In the years since, of course, there are a lot more women in the field with a lot better credentials when it comes to guns, shooting, and self-defense (*cough* buymyfriendKathy'sbook *cough*) but Paxton's still out there too, apparently, spreading the good word, if not as high-profile as before.

So Piers needed a woman for a "Women & Guns" spot, got her on his show and, in the middle of making a bunch of good points about a woman's right to carry a handgun, we get this:
QUIGLEY: Well, I agree with him that I think an AR-15 is not something that the normal, average citizen should have. And indeed, he is right that if you had a shotgun and you pull the trigger, it's going to -- it's going to scare somebody. There's no doubt about that.
Jesus, Paxton, et tu?

It only takes one awshit to erase a dozen attagirls. I'm washing my hands of her. Let the Zumboing commence.

Meanwhile, all this sudden mentioning of her name again after all these years makes me want to hop into a Supra Turbo and crank up "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and drive down to the store to buy a big-ass sweater and some stirrup pants...


B said...

but you'd look good (and could conceal your gat better) with a big ass sweater.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Can't argue with B.

Anonymous said...


Leatherneck said...

And Quigley slips smartly into the "Attention Whore" category.


Anonymous said...

I hope that I never NEED an AR-15. But if I do NEED it, I want to be able to HAVE it.

lelnet said...

Normal people don't _need_ an AR-15. Truth is, handguns and shotguns are probably better for most defense situations normal people get into. If you're defending yourself against criminals or the State (but I repeat myself...) it's more likely to happen at halitosis range than rifle range.

Fortunately, "need" doesn't enter into it. If you _want_ an AR-15, you should have one. Period.

Anonymous said...

Add big hair and a scrunchy and I'll pick you up on Friday for a burger.


Tam said...


" Truth is, handguns and shotguns are probably better for most defense situations normal people get into."

Like a lot of people, I ditched the gauge in favor of an AR carbine for an in-house long gun years ago.

Regardless, Paxton's comment marks her as out-of-touch with the mainstream firearms community.

And as you and others pointed out, any mention of "need" should put people's hackles up. We are not a "need"-based society.

Robert said...

if you could FIND a turbo Supra, that is.

Tam said...


"if you could FIND a turbo Supra, that is."

Sorry, I was having '90s flashbacks...

Anonymous said...

She was (and is) a poseur.
Stopped by many years ago to a local indoor range. A female friend (and her husband) - who were students of mine - went to meet her.
It appeared because my friend wasn't some tiny, cutesy-pie 21 year old, that Ms. Quigley shunned her attempts to thank her for her book, and obtain an autograph for it. Because it was a photo op.
Not only that, compared to her book cover photos, she trowels on her makeup.
Good book - less than impressed by the author.


Joseph said...

I'm still rockin' the pump action for SD longarm. Main reason? I run a pump action much better than I run an AR. I should rectify that, but it's hard to overcome the level of familiarity I have with the pump as I shoot one in competition and I don't shoot the AR in competition.

I don't feel in any way, underarmed within that scenario of home invasion, unless of course they are a multitude of acronym laden, body-armor wearing types, then I'm boned.

Scott J said...

Wow. You just dug up a whole bunch of memory holes in my brain.

Glad you mentioned her first book because I couldn't recall her role in the gun rights movement back then.

Ironic co-inky she shows back up now. My wife and I just celebrated 20 years since we met earlier this month. We've only been married 17 though.

Tam said...


"I'm still rockin' the pump action for SD longarm. Main reason?"

You don't need to supply a reason, dude; different people make different decisions. It's all good. :)

Scott J said...

Robert, I see Turbo Supras turn up on Craigslist now and then.

If they run they're usually still asking DuPont Registry money for them.

Beaten with blown or badly hurt engines and they typically ask between 5 and 10 thousand.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Hmmm. Something tells me that the Pompous Limey wanted to have a "Fair and Balanced Discussion" on the NEED to have more Gun Control, but when they started looking around, most of the Pro-Gun Advocates told him to Pack Sand.

But then Quigley decided to get some Face Time, so....

TXGunGeek said...

As the Mrs pointed out, consider the source. She was an anti until she was attacked. Gone right back to her old ways. "Here little lady, this snubby is all you need for protection" "Besides, you rack a shell into this gun and the bad guy will shit his pants and run away screaming."

Robert said...

Scott J: Try finding one with a manual transmission though. Rarer than hen's teeth.

RabidAlien said...

Born in the 70's, don't remember hearing about her, and now that I have, I don't really feel the need to Google and find out who/what she is/stands for.

The difference between Joseph (above) and the anti's is that Joseph has his opinion...and respects that its HIS opinion. He's not trying to browbeat anyone into following his preferred methods. And that's what separates the gunnies from the anti's. A little thing called "respect".

global village idiot said...

Expecting intelligent, reasoned debate on that mincing poofter's program is like expecting talent on Chuck Barry's program.


Unknown said...

She had been an ardent supporter of GCA '68 until she came to realize how useless it was in reducing crime rates. Her book detailed her change in viewpoint.

However, a positive attitude about the right of self-defense has nothing to do with one's knowledge of firearms and of the utility of types which are different from those with which one is familiar.

Steve Skubinna said...

The ninties... was that when you girls all wore leg warmers collapsed down to the ankles? Or was it poodle skirts?

mustanger said...

The last I saw a poodle skirt in public, as opposed to teevee, was when my elementary school did '50's day... back in 1984 or '85.

Thinking of differing decisions, some of us who support the right to an AR-15 are also still fans of leverguns and the M1 Garand. I personally am a fan of the SxS 12guage, but I don't consider it the only option. I will advise anybody not to mess with the Cowboy Action Shooters among others.

KM said...

is like expecting talent on Chuck Barry's program

Once saw two girls going down on long popsicles on Chuck's show.
Those girls had talent!;)

Matthew said...

Maybe a reverse-Zumbo. Call her out on it, then have some luminary she might know take her to the range, run an AR, and have her make a public mea culpa on someone else's show.

Saves all the wear and tear on the back-stabbin' knives, avoids the appearance of a bunch of fat redneck extremists bullying a "moderate female gun personality" and might prevent her turning fully to the dark side.


Brad K. said...

I saw the Gong Show!

Roy lived out on the prairie with his wife. Every night he put his shoes outside the door -- and often a lion crept up, and clawed and toothed and tore up those shoes. Finally, Roy had enough. He grabbed his gun, and headed out, "I am going to *get* that . . pesky . . lion!". Later, coming home dragging a dead lion, Roy's wife asks, "Pardon me, Roy. Is that the cat that chewed your new shoes?"

As for Piers, it seems disingenuous to misdirect the meaning of the Right to Bear Arms, to limit the discussion to self defense, then project that that concludes the whole topic of the Right to Bear Arms.

Self defense is important. But you want a different weapon for self defense against a skunk (though many could be used, from ice pick through wholesale explosive suites and cannon), than for defending a nation from enemies from within and without -- which is *not* limited to the uniformed services. Heck, recreational use of firearms presents a completely different set of criteria for "the right tool for the task".

Oh, and Piers Morgan isn't talented enough to deserve all that air time. It is too bad that time and electricity (and carbon footprint) isn't used for something useful.

Has anyone calculated the carbon footprint of Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama's gun control efforts, both directly and indirectly (that is, the energy and time used to make that money available required burning fossil fuels, and people living the hours to create the wealth while consuming goods, food, and energy)? Maybe we need the EPA to look into this, and put a cap and fine on anti-gun activist activities; they are killing the planet.

NotClauswitz said...

Gaah! The double pincers of Who and What - at 55 the only Quigley I disremember was some Tom Selleck version that I didn't even get to watch...I'm a lousy movie fan.

Anonymous said...

Nobody needs an AR.

Or a Lamborghini.

Or a cottage on Cape Cawd.


mustanger said...

Now I'm reminded of a documentary where they dealt with Old West saloons... they said they actually lined the walls with boilerplate. The bigger danger wasn't being shot inside the barroom, but rather being hit by a bullet AFTER IT EXITTED the room. That said, most rounds in production in those days were black powder and cast lead and they didn't tell the biggest of those rounds the boilerplate would stop.

Tam said...


Folks thinking that their gauge is going to somehow not shoot through walls unlike a rifle need to get out and actually shoot things sometime. ;)

Scott said...

Tam: Bring a Trailer had a 1 owner 19K mile 1987 Supra turbo, w/ manual for $25K back in August. You are just 6 months late.

Anonymous said...

"And as you and others pointed out, any mention of "need" should put people's hackles up. We are not a "need"-based society."

Really? 0bama sez we need to meet the needs of the needy, doncha know? That's why we need to keep feedin' , housin' and just basicly supporting that 47% that need your money!

Bring on the sequester! Mehbee when folks start missing some to the things goobermint actually needs to do, they'll give some serious thought to priorities.....

mustanger said...

"Folks thinking that their gauge is going to somehow not shoot through walls unlike a rifle need to get out and actually shoot things sometime. ;)"

10:46 AM, February 24, 2013

Tam, You might want to re-read my previous posts. While I like my shotgun, along with other options, I never said it wouldn't overpenetrate walls. The testing you linked to showed everything overpenetrating plain sheetrock walls. I figured that was common sense.

I'm reminded of Rob Pincus's work on some teevee shows where he tests penetration of several rounds including .223/5.56 and 12guage. He tends to stress consideration of who/what is behind that wall. Also, is there a hard feature like a fireplace, or placement of loaded book cases, etc. There's the rule about being sure of the target/backstop and beyond.

I mentioned the barroom walls and ceilings being lined with boilerplate... IIRC, that wasn't specific to any certain caliber/gauge/platform available before 1906. They intended that if ANY gun was fired, it was hopefully at least contained in the room so not to injure people outside. We don't generally have boilerplate in residential walls, hence the need to remember just about any round we deal with can overpenetrate walls.

Matt G said...

"Some folks googled her and found her website and yes, she's carrying on the good work still, but they were calling out photos of her with a revolver in the half Sabrina, booger hook firmly on bang switch... Why was this Rule Three violatin' chick being lauded as some kind of 'self-defense expert'?"

And by "some folks," you might mean me, when I hassled her about in 2007.

Matt G said...

Kathy's book is excellent.

Good enought that I wrote a little something about it, and have a second copy that I'm giving to a friend. (In your honor, actually.)

Goober said...

I guess I'll never understand it, but I'll say it again anyway:

What in the holy f@#$ does NEED have to do with it?

If you want to reductio ad absurdum that discussion, I don't NEED anything more than water, shelter, and enough calories per day to keep me from starving to death. If you REALLY want to get down to it, I don't NEED to even survive, so I don't even NEED that much.

But I don't want to live in a place that reduces me to my NEEDS because the people in power think that they can get away with it. No, I don't NEED an AR-15. Nobody does. A soldier in combat doesn't even NEED one.

But F@#$ you if you want to keep me from having one, because NEED HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

Goober said...

Anonymous 9:02

a big ass-sweater?

I'm not sure if Tam should be offended or not. Although I'm leaning towards "should be".

She's kind of sensitive...


Goober said...

I don't feel in any way, underarmed within that scenario of home invasion, unless of course they are a multitude of acronym laden, body-armor wearing types, then I'm boned.

Joseph - no weapon on Earth would make you less boned if that happened. Even if you had a M2 50 and won the fight, you'd still lose that war.

Perhaps that is why I've come to be so against no-knock raids of any sort over the years. They break down the wrong door far too often because of bad information, and I sometimes lay awake at night thinking about how boned I would be if they ever broke down my door:

What would be more logical? That I, a completely law-abiding citizen was being raided by law enforcement, or that a bunch of crooks dressed up like cops and are robbing my house using that as a ruse to gain my cooperation?

You have 2 seconds to decide whether you have police at your door and comply, or if you just bought a first row ticket to the gang rape of your wife in doing so. Decide. You now have less than a second. Hurry up and choose.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone verified that transcript is correct? One or two words and it could have a whole different meaning.

Tam said...

Anon 6:30,

Apparently this is not a new position for her at all; only the fact of her being below my radar for these many years kept me from noticing before.

She apparently made similar noises after the shooting in Aurora, including calling for a ban on online ammo sales.

(She's a self-identified "liberal Democrat")

Mike said...

She's got that clip on her blog. No comments under it.

Mine is "awaiting moderation".

We shall see...

J.R.Shirley said...

Well, as Bobby Singer from Supernatural would say: "Idjit."

Gewehr98 said...

Yup. Mine is awaiting comment over there, too.

A fisking of Zumbo proportions is in order, methinks.

Justthisguy said...

Ah, yes. I bemember that back in the early nineties, when I helped a gal I knew to arm herself, we got her a copy of Miss Quigley's book. I remember going into the gunshop with Miss C, and the clerk asking her what kind of ammo she wanted for the piece he'd just sold her. She came right back with, "What kind makes the biggest holes?"

An instinctive understanding of wound ballistics, that gal had.