Friday, June 07, 2013

Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #61

If one is none and two is one, then three is two. There's a reason the third one's in .357SIG (instead of another 9mm) beyond "the price was right", but I'm not done writing that blog post yet.


9.3mm said...

Owning a good handgun in a NON-military caliber is a very sound idea.

Matthew said...

If one is none and two is one, then two is also none.

You need three to have any at all, but three can't be one -or- two or you're right back where you started.

Three is three, and that's just right.

Old NFO said...

About as bad as the definition of 'enough'... Never heard a real one :-)

Matthew Walker said...

Inductively, if two is one and one is none, then all numbers are none. What is this, xkcd for gun nuts?

Matthew Walker said...

Oh, Jesus, one damn time I don't read the comments first before I hit submit and somebody else named Matthew makes the same joke first. Sorry.

Critter said...

Three shall be the number of the counting, and the number of the counting shall be three. Five is right out!

Anonymous said...

"There's a reason the third one's a .357SIG..."

Got a screamin' deal (meaning it was actually available without a bidding war) on a bunch of ammo?

Ryan said...

Can see 1 reason to own a .357 sig, that it goes through soft body armor. I'm interested if your reasoning is similar to mine.

That's a nice stash of M&P's you've got. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Cor-Bon 125 gr.

505 muzzle energy

1350 feet per sec.

Pretty impressive

Last time I priced Corbon 125 gr DPX : Box of 25 for
$50.00 in Atlanta, Ga.

Rule 1. good ammo is not cheap,
cheap ammo is not good

Ancient Woodsman said...

Since when does .357 SIG go "through soft body armor"??

I did the T&E on the cartridge for our agency in 2004& 05 and saw no such amazing performance. As a result of objective, performance-based evaluation we carry the .357 SIG, but certainly not because it zips through body armor. I'd love to see where that idea came from.

Tam will certainly enjoy the cartridge, if not just when it lights up the low-light range when fired from a sub-4" barrel. It can be expensive, doesn't have the selection of other cartridges out there, but it can indeed be a fun shooter.

Tam said...


" that it goes through soft body armor."

Don't believe the hype. ;)

Ancient Woodsman,

I've owned a couple of Glock 33s and I seem to dimly recollect briefly having a P229 in the chambering some years ago, but I've slept since then. I was briefly infatuated with the caliber before my Glock 29 days.

JD Rush said...

I bought my M&P357 because it included a fo-tay barrel, night sights and 3 magazines. Used, $439.

Tam said...

JD Rush,

"a fo-tay barrel, night sights and 3 magazines. Used, $439."

That is a sweet deal! Gratz!

Angus McThag said...

.357 SIG also known as .38 Super Compact...

Because it's very close ballistically and .38 Super had a reputation as an armor defeating round in the gangster era

Beaumont said...

A spare fo-tay barrel would be a great accessory for it, since fo-tay seems to show up on the shelves when 9mm, .45, and even .38Sp don't. In fact, I'm thinking about looking for a G35 and Lone Wolf barrels in 9 and .357 to go with it.

Tam said...


".357 SIG also known as .38 Super Compact..."

.38Super Compact would be .356TSW. :)

Divemedic said...

I know that I am late to this party, but I own a couple of M&P40's, and I won't buy the M&P9. Here is why:

The M&P40 (or M&P357) can be interchangeably between .357Sig, .40S&W, and 9mm with just a barrel (and in the case of 9mm, magazine) change.

My M&P40 has a .40, and a .357 barrel. It also has a pair of 9mm conversion barrels: one threaded, and one not. I got them from KKM.

Tam said...


" Here is why:

The M&P40 (or M&P357) can be interchangeably between .357Sig, .40S&W, and 9mm with just a barrel

Really? wonka.gif

I carry and shoot 9. I will not CCW a .40 with a drop-in 9 barrel due to the differences in the breechface dimensions. While it will run well enough for shooting paper, it's not a chance I'll take shooting for real poker chips.