Sunday, June 16, 2013

Overheard in the Restaurant...

At a late lunch/mid-afternoon hangout with Bayou Renaissance Man, Bobbi, Brigid, and Miss D, conversation wandered far and wide, as one might imagine:

Brigid: "Who in town owns a Batmobile, license plate 'Gotham'?"

Me: "Like, the classic Batmobile from the TV series?"

Bobbi: "There's a company that makes those in Kokomo."

Brigid: "No, one of the new ones, like from the Dark Knight movie..."

Bobbi: "Oh! There was a guy in town who was a big collector of superhero stuff, he had a museum, but it closed and his whole collection was auctioned off..."

Brigid: "It was really neat! I waved, he waved... But Batman didn't signal when he was changing lanes."

Bobbi: "The Bat Signal is only for use in emergencies."

Miss D: "People signal Batman; Batman doesn't signal people."


Fiftycal said...

I hope LOTS of alcohol was ingested before this exchange.

Tam said...

I'd had a beer. Everyone else was Temperance.

Kristophr said...

Tam and Tam's friends are naturally strange.

No artificial chemical enhancements needed.

rustynail said...

Your article reminds me of another Batman, the Birmingham Batman. I was at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and working on research that took me to the lab at all hours of the night. I would see a "Batmobile" driving around the University area. This was a local man who would help others in trouble. Here's the link to an article about him: I never actually met him, just saw him driving around at night. Seems he was quite a human being.