Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Why would you have a gun on at home?"

The footage below took place in a very nice neighborhood:

Upscale neighborhoods tend to have spacious lots with the houses arranged and lawns landscaped so the front doors have a measure of privacy from the neighbors. Additionally, the prevalence of two-income families in suburbia mean that neighborhoods like this are ghost towns from 9-5 on weekdays.

In Caleb's old stomping grounds here in Hoosieropolis, there were subdivisions where multiple front doors were getting kicked in in a single day by crooks who could be fairly certain nobody would be home. Would they have reacted like this to intimidate an unexpected witness found during their "work shift"? Dunno.


Heroditus Huxley said...

My CZ-82 is rarely out of reach. When it is, the Colt .32 is *in* reach, and I can hit a target I can barely see at 25 yards with that one.

I'm usually home, often alone with the kids. No way am I going to leave them defenseless.

Farm.Dad said...

You have been to my home out here in the sticks Tam ... You well know just how that would work here.

Jess said...

It's a matter of economics. Everyone needs a gun to keep the costs of prosecutions down to traffic tickets and public intoxication violations.

Personally, I wish the assailant is held down, his crotch burned with lit gasoline and then thrown into a pen with hungry hogs.

Keads said...

I'm just surprised the NYC News carried it. And of course the newscasters are happy, shiny people in designer clothes as they comment on the violation of a home and a person. Don Henley had that song right. Not much else, but nailed that.

Ian Argent said...

This one was literally close to home for me. And I'm half the country away tonight, but one of Gaston's Finest Home Security Systems is on the job of keeping my home and family safe.
I want this person stayed, convicted, and sentenced to long and hard time. The other options are either proscribed by the 8th amendment (rightly) our likely to lead someone to nightmares.

Anonymous said...

He may well be sentenced to 12-20 years and serve 18 months.

ISH (Mininerd) said...

Sad to say, but this still helps advance the Narrative. You know that they are going to be using this as evidence that their mantra of "Just give them what they want, don't resist, and they'll go away." is actually effective.

The three year old and the infant were unharmed (physically), the mother was merely viciously beaten... Of course, had she been raped or murdered this video would never see the light of day.

staghounds said...

Burglary and simple assault.

Where I live this carries a maximum of 6 years unless he has 2x prior felonies, 6 years takes about 8 months.

He will get time if he's caught, because he's a stranger AFAIK and there's video.

This sort of thing happens constantly in the domestic violence context, seldom is there a sentence to serve any time at all if it's just one event.

Borepatch said...

Then there was that lady in Loganville who took her kids into a crawl space to hide. The intruder followed them. Looks like a similar sort of neighborhood.

She shot him 5 times with .38, after which he drove away in his car. Kind of explains why a 7 round magazine limit is a bad idea.

perlhaqr said...

Anonymous @11:55


Divemedic said...

Looks like burglary with assault is a crime of the second degree. A crime of the second degree will get you 5 to ten years.


I would point out that this is the same penalty as owning an AR-15, except that the home invade is eligible for parole, and the owner of an AR15 would be ineligible for parole in New Jersey.

Paul said...

Sad times indeed. Such events are on the number 1 of list of how to tell things are going pear shaped.

Be Prepared.

JimB said...

First....They have to catch him. He'll never get shot by a homeowner in NJ unless he breaks into a cops house. If he gets shot by anyone else they'll probably go to jail as the over reated to the assault. NJ sucks

Ed said...

A prosecutor mocked 71 year old Trevor Dooley for carrying a pocket pistol in his pocket when he was home.

"Dooley said he never puts his gun in his waistband and always keeps it in a hard-leather holster in his right front pocket.

He remained collected during a rigorous cross examination by Assistant State Attorney Stephen Udagawa, who suggested it was James who was trying to protect himself after he saw that Dooley was armed.

"There is no question you killed David James?" the prosecutor asked.

"No question," Dooley answered.

"It was not an accident?"


He questioned Dooley about the gun.

"You always walk around your house with a loaded gun?"

"Yes," the defendant replied.

"Even if you have no reason to walk around your house with a loaded gun in your pocket?"

"It's my house.""


JustSomeGuy said...

Thanks, Tam, I hadn't had my daily dose of impotent rage...


Erin Palette said...

I started carrying at home to get accustomed to the weight so I wouldn't fidget while carrying concealed. I kept carrying while at home because the weight of the pistol corrected some issues with my posture.

More here, at my blog.