Friday, June 14, 2013

Need chant suggestions...

They said that if I voted for Mitt Romney we'd wind up getting tangled in a proxy war against the Russians* in the Middle East, and they were right!

I'm getting together some love beads and misspelled signs to take to the anti-war demonstration, but I'm coming up short in the chant department.
"Hey, hey, BHO!
To War In Syria We Won't Go!

Hey, hey, Barack Obama!
How many... something mumble... kids today?"
It just doesn't scan. The suggestion box is open; knock y'all's selves out.

*So the Russians are sending arms to Assad and we'll be indirectly arming Al Qaeda again, because it worked out so well last time we did it. Did anybody here play the Third World War series of board games from GDW? Remember how their "tanks through the Fulda Gap" scenario got under way

Also, since when did Barack Obama and the Democrat Establishment start caring about dictators using poison gas on their own people? Didn't I just have to live through eight years of gum flapping and windbagging about how we were ogres for toppling a secular strongman and opening a power vacuum for radical Islamists because we got all squeamish and concern-troll-y about some nerve gassed Kurds? Seriously, didn't we just leave this movie?


Joel said...

Everything old is new again, Tam.

Actually, with the right cadence that might work as a chant.

Tam said...

It's the claims of Russkie triple-A being sent to Assad that worry me in the event of a "No Fly Zone".

The Russians have to bring down some US jets if they want to keep selling their stuff for cold hard cash, because right now the track record of Russkie SAMs against US air power is pretty dismal. That's a feather in their cap they may want bad enough to send guys along to babysit the launchers and even pull the triggers if necessary.

And those are guys sitting right on the bullseye when the SEAD starts. There could be repercussions.

BatChainPuller said...

Ok, they forced out all the Christians, Jews and the Zoroasters. This is Muslim on Muslim violence....not a rarity, but still delicious and worth noting. The Great Satan had nothing to do with it as far as I can tell. Iranian proxies vs Muslim Brotherhood proxies vs Wahabists. Why in Christ's creation would any of us 'mericans give any kind of a shit about this..Not even any oil to be seen to trade for blood.
Wag the dog? Shit, yeah.

TinCan Assassin said...

Al-Queda, you-queada- we all queada too!

WV: Sectional ryometa- I got nothin'

Anonymous said...

The trick is to sell them just enough arms to slowly grind down Assad, but not so many that they beat him quickly. That way they can all kill each other eventually.

Hey, I can dream.


staghounds said...

I like McCain's "We should make sure it's a fair fight" concept.

If it is in our interest to get rid of Assad, we should Tomahawk or SEAL him.

If it isn't, then we should stay out of it.

But no, thousands of people have to die and be maimed, Syria has to be wrecked, hundreds of millions of dollars have to be sucked out of our pockets before he flies off to Switzerland.


Cincinnatus said...

"Did anybody here play the Third World War series of board games from GDW? Remember how their "tanks through the Fulda Gap" scenario got under way? "

As sheer coincidence, I was at a wargaming convention 2 weeks ago, and was playing a game with Frank Chadwick.

No lie.

Anonymous said...

We can sell a lot more hardware if we're equal opportunity...and ain't that what we're all about?

Plus that'll freeze the Russkies out, keep our factories cranking, and bonus, boost the efficiency quotient of intramural T

BatChainPuller said...

oh yeah, sorry, fergot the chant
A-sad, so sad, you're about dead and we feel so bad.
I-ran, you-ran, your country's eff-d up and an also ran.
Mouzzies hate, mouzies kill, can we make some hay on Capitol Hill

mikelaforge said...

"Hey, hey, BHO!
F*%K Aleppo, We Won't Go!

mikelaforge said...

'cause I won't cuss on your page.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Damascus, My A#* can Kiss!
Hell No I Won't Go!
Time for Barry to Go!

Anonymous said...

I prefer to set new words to old songs.

Like to the tune of "Old MacDonald":
Old Obama had a war eieio.
we don't know what were fighting for - eieio.
with a drone strike here, and a dronse strike there, here a strike, there a strike, everywhere a drone strike...

or to the tune of "Oklahoma":
Baaaaa-rock! Obama, helps the muslims all around the world...and the ammo's rare, but lets be fair, the IRS is still a pearl...

Anonymous said...

Obama, Obama, Ally of Osama!

Guns for Jihadists,
Aid to Terrorists,
Guided Missiles for Osama
Bad Ideas President Obama

HEY, HEY, President O,
Why Did You Blame the Video?
Who killed Seal Glen Doherty,
While you slept before the Party?
You abandoned Tyrone Wood
Just because You Thought You Could

This is a BAD Idea, It is Libya times Somalia with likely nerve gas and a chance of nuclear exchange. Seriously, What happens when Syria and Hezbollah decide the US is to blame for their fighters getting killed by rebels in Syria? The last time we lost 241 US Marines in Beirut. What happens if they decide to retaliate here in the US? Do we escalate, does Putin counter...

Joseph said...

Not like there are not enough weapons in the Mideast already.
We've got no dog in this fight. But we are better off with Assad staying in power. Yeah, he's a dictator but democracy does not work in the Mideast. Arming the rebels means the Islamists win and we will wind up staring down the barrels of our own missile launchers, so to speak.
Poison gas use? How was it "verified"? If the data is via the rebels, they kinda have a vested interest in us believing they were gassed. Anyone remember the "verification" with Saddam Husein's WMDs?

Murphy's Law said...

Just don't forget to make half of your "peace" symbols look like the Mercedes Benz logo. That never gets old.

og said...

And it's one, two, three
What are we fighting for?
Well hell just don't ask me!
I just want a good economy

And it's five six seven
Look at all the government waste
Barry O he just wants to please
So he'll borrow more from chinese.

WV: Which egotock. Which egotock is hosing up our country today?

Anonymous said...

No oil in Syria. No, but pipelines. Existing and planned.

Democracy in middle east = one man, one vote, one time.


Critter said...

Barry, Barry!
We won't go!
Who's the killer?

Barry, Barry!
Who you fleeced?
We don't get no
Mid East Peace!

"Barry" scans better.

secret code: same pleswit. Same as the previous one, anyway.

Ken said...

Sad. The best outcome I can think of is Putin gets to play the "America is the weak horse card" cheaply. All the others are worse.

I think I still have those GDW games somewhere. Good games, and I think there are VASSAL modules for all of 'em.

Firehand said...

Ah, but this is Democrat OBAMA declaring his red line has been crossed(multiple times, so let's don't talk about that) so that makes it all different!

While back someone was writing that "The urge to say 'let them kill each other' must be tempered by 'what about the innocents being hurt?' My first thought is "Why the !(#((&%! should we send American troops into that place for that? When most of the people on both sides hate our guts and want us dead? I'm effing sick of that.

Plus I've got family in the military, and I don't want him sitting in effing Jordan or wherever wondering of the incoming contains nerve agent, all in the name of Obama
A: acting tough and
B: trying to distract from his IRS and NSA and Holder problems.

Drang said...

RE: SEAD missions, armed drones (by whatever name--wish they'd quit changing it!) are ideal for that.

Not that I have any confidence in His Imperial Majesty or his minions' ability to do the obvious, let alone prudent or wise thing there; if they had half a brain, our participation would be limited to humanitarian relief for refugees, with very careful vetting, due to the known Syrian rebel/Al Qaeda connection.

WV: decency toractn. Heh.

Marcus said...

Obama needs his short victorious war to shift attention away from the seven-plus scandals that threaten to take his administration down. It's pure political theater.

John said...

"short victorious war" -- touching the Mid-Eastern tar baby has really worked out well for us, so far, eh?

I love living in a decling Empire, with all the historical chacters needed to make it a real history worthy epic. Of course, we won't write it, nor will we be the good guys.

But how is that different from past episodes of humankind.?

"Oh, oh..what a luverly war it's been!" every since we forgot the lessons of WW2 and the Korean Episode. Of course, back then we didn't really understand the real lessons garnered in blood.

Now, we can look around at what a steady war footing has brought us, over the decades since we touched the tarbaby in SE Asia.

As a Fulda Gap Mech Inf grunt, I knew we were expected to live about 24 hours, at the most, until NATO could advance into the nuclear zone where we used to be. So, I have a real reson to give major respect to those who bled and died, under our flag. No shame upon those paid for political and economic folly.

However, no matter the reason,I do think we have lost our grip upon the core ideas of this country -- enough so, to elect folly and let it write checks upon or own eventual demise.

Hey...Jus sayin', ya know?

Unknown said...

While not obscene, this might still be a little too crude, but:

Hey, hey, Barack Obama,
Don't disappoint yo' hippie mama!

Scott J said...

What sticks out in my mind about all this is that said Sarin gas probably came out of an an Iraqi warehours circa 2003.

Of course that CAN'T be true because Bushchenyhalliburton!!

leaddog said...

So the PTB are going to use our TAX money to send guns to untrained civilians, while trying to prevent us from using our own money to buy our own guns? Along with all the other good points above, I cannot think of all of this at the same time or my poor little farm boy brain will just melt.

I do like the idea of arming both sides weakly so they can use a lot of time and effort to eventually kill of each other.

The inhabitants of north Africa to central Asia have been constantly at war in one degree or the other since time immemorial, the memory of man runneth not to the contrary. There is no good reason for us to me messing around in this. As in most of these endeavors since 1945, it will not end well for us.

What ever happened to avoiding foreign entanglements? Apparently Washington and Jefferson are just faces in pictures and on coins to these people.

Unknown said...

Shia to the left, Sunni to the right,
Let's you and him go fight, fight,

Matthew said...

They don't want us
In Damascus
Keep the boys at home!

Ken said...

Scott J: Yep, via the Bekaa Valley.

perlhaqr said...

You voted for Mitt!?!?

All my illusions shattered... *weeps inconsolably*

(Or is this one of those "well, if you vote for the Libertarian, you're just voting for $CANDIDATE_DISLIKED_BY_SPEAKER" moments? Come to think of it, by voting for Gary Johnson, I apparently managed to vote for both Mitt and Barry!)

Tam said...


"You voted for Mitt!?!?"

As disappointing a candidate as he was, he had the advantage over the incumbent of being able to balance a checkbook. And I REALLY dislike the incumbent's politics; even the couple of issues on which we vaguely agree, he botches it with his statist implementations.

Had I not lived in a swing state that was going to go one way or the other by what was predicted to be a slim margin, I'd have voted for Johnson (the most plausible national candidate the LP's floated in a while.)

As it was, I was a little disappointed when IN went for Mitt by 10 points. I could have voted LP after all. :(

perlhaqr said...

Yeah, the incumbent's politics blow goats, but I've never yet voted for a presidential candidate who stood a whelk's chance in a supernova of winning, and I wasn't going to start this last go around. Plus, being from New Mexico, I thought there was actually a reasonable chance of Gary and the LP getting a high enough percentage of the vote to actually register on the radar. (I was wrong, but oh well.)

Anonymous said...

Palin says "Let Allah sort 'em out".

Her VPOTUS moment might have come and gone, but I still like that un-PC girl.

Ted N said...

Q: Why mess with Syria?

A: Because if I'm not in somebody-else's-shitty-country at least every other year, I just don't know what to do with myself.