Monday, September 29, 2014


A hundred rounds of Remington UMC ball ammo today with no malfunctions to report. Total round count now at 1500; five hundred to go until bath time. Although I've got a reasonable amount of trigger time on the PPX at this point, the long and light trigger still gets me throwing the occasional shot a little low when I try and run it fast.

I figured out one way to shave time from my glacially slow reloads from concealment. At some point during a string of "1-reload-1" drills I realized that my hand is clearing my gun burkha by throwing it way back out of the way, thereby moving way past the magazine on my hip. I then have to move my hand back forward and make a complete second motion to grab the magazine. I don't know how much time I'll get by just "wiping" my hand toward the mag under the shirt, but it's got to improve the 2.75-3.55 reload times I was seeing today. (The PPX's mag well is a separate issue. It's not friendly for the speed reload...)