Sunday, September 28, 2014

Because I hate wasting good material at an away game...

From a conversation at Joel's place about the Oklahoma nutter and the Last Boy Scout (no, seriously) who busted the necessary caps in his ass:
I have heard reports (which I have not confirmed, but why wait for that? Nobody else does,) that he ran to his car to fetch a piece, and if I had a Glock in the glove box and an AR in the trunk, you’d better cool believe it’s the trunk key I’ll be fumblin’ for.

If so, that raises a couple further interesting questions:
  1. Did Vaughan Foods have a No Totin’ policy?
  2. If so, was the COO, despite being not only the top banana but also a reserve po-po, following that policy?
  3. Also if so, will that policy be changing in light of recent events?
A bit of googlin' later...
Nosing around, it does seem from this account (the most detailed I’ve found yet) that Vaughan fetched a carbine from his trunk. Which makes sense, because if I’m heading off to shoot somebody, I’m grabbing the biggest heater I have access to.
As folks who work in emergency services can tell you, while some volunteer po-po, firefighters, or EMT are whackers, the majority of them are actually painfully earnest and civic-minded people.