Monday, September 29, 2014

None of those are the biggest surprise.

The other day, CNN ran a piece on the "five biggest surprises" of our not-really-a-war,-honest in Syria. (This is kinda like a war, only our president has promised we won't stick our military in too far.)

Oddly, not one of their five line items was about how suddenly cool bombing hadjis is with mainstream Democrats when it's Barry's idea. No giant papier-mâché Obama heads on the local campuses or picket signs with caricatures of the president as a warmongering Pan troglodyte (you can only do that when the prez is a cracker, otherwise it's disrespectful of the office and racist... which have been pretty much the same thing since January of '09, come to think of it.) Instead it's just more "Kumbayah", only with a chorus about drone strikes.

I found this image at Random Nuclear Strikes